London Mayor Sadiq Khan Suffers Suspected Heart Attack at COP26 Meetings 18 Months Ago | The Gateway Pundit


Sadiq Khan is vaccinated with COVID jab in 2021


London Mayor Sadiq Khan suffered what was described as a mild heart attack at the recent COP26 meetings.

Khan attended the global warming meetings in Glasgow 18 months ago.

The London Mayor’s administration is just announcing the health scare now.

The Standard reported.

Sadiq Khan has revealed he may have suffered a “minor heart attack” after falling ill at a climate change conference.

The mayor said that “out of nowhere, I felt a knot in my chest – a kind of tightening” and had to be helped off the stage.

“It was COP26 in Glasgow and I seemed to be having a heart attack,” he recounts in dramatic detail in his book, Breathe, which is published this week.

Mr Khan’s aides on Sunday night told the Standard that he was “in rude health” and not on heart-related medication as a result of the health scare 18 months ago.

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