FDA Posts Tweet Warning of Dangers of Online Disinformation – Then Reality Comes Back Hard and Bites Them in the Horse’s Ass | The Gateway Pundit


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Monday decided it was a good day to remind Americans of the dangers of “misinformation.”

The FDA posted video of how misinformation goes viral online.

The FDA claims misinformation spreads six times faster than facts.

They ought to know.

In August 2021 the FDA posted a tweet where they claimed award-winning Ivermectin was a drug for horses and cows.

They were afraid Americans would use the cheap drug as a prophylactic toward off a serious COVID19 infection.

Of course, Ivermectin is a drug FOR HUMANS and animals and has shown amazing success in treating COVID19. Studies have shown up to an 85% improvement for patients who used Ivermectin early on.

The FDA later backtracked and later claimed not taking Ivermectin was merely a recommendation.

Outrageous! FDA Backtracks During Trial and Now Claims ‘Not Taking Ivermectin for COVID-19’ was Merely a Recommendation

It is also important to note that top FDA officials frequently go work for Big Pharma after leaving their government post.

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