‘How Does the President Get Away with Saying That He’s Cutting the Deficit’ – CNBC’s Rick Santelli Goes Off on Joe Biden in Signature Rant (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit


CNBC’s Rick Santelli blasted Joe Biden Tuesday morning amid a debt ceiling standoff.

Speaker McCarthy and House GOP passed a debt ceiling proposal and now the ball is in Joe Biden’s court.

The bill will raise the debt limit by $1.5 trillion.

McCarthy’s plan will destroy most of Joe Biden’s agenda.

The Speaker’s plan will eliminate Biden’s unconstitutional student loan bailout plan and slash the funds set aside for the army of IRS agents.

Biden is hosting a debt ceiling talk later Tuesday but he’s refusing to negotiate with McCarthy.

Rick Santelli went off on Joe Biden for lying about cutting the deficit.

Biden has repeatedly lied about cutting the deficit.

This is one of his favorite lies.

“How [does] the President get away with saying that he’s cutting the deficit more than any other president in history? Well maybe because, under his term, it’s gone up more than any other amount in history so any cut would qualify…” CNBC’s Rick Santelli said in one of his signature rants.

Biden gets away with lying about cutting the deficit because we don’t have a real media.


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