Protesters Interrupt Secretary Blinken as He Talks About “Press Freedom” – Demand Freedom for Julian Assange (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit


On Wednesday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken participated in a moderated conversation on the state of press freedom worldwide with Washington Post columnist David Ignatius.

During the event, members of the feminist grassroots organization CODEPINK, interrupted Blinken as he talked about press freedom.

“Excuse us, we can’t use this day without calling for the freedom of Julian Assange,” said one of the protesters.


“It’s completely hypocritical for Secretary Blinken to discuss “press freedom” while our government seeks no justice for American journalists killed by our allies and seeks to punish truth-tellers like Julian Assange,” according to the Code Pink organization.

This is not the first time the organization interrupted Blinken.

Last month, CODEPINK activists interrupted Antony Blinken at the Foreign Relations Committee Senate hearing “American Diplomacy and Global Leadership: Review of The FY24 State Department Budget Request.”

“One by one the group stood up holding signs referencing key areas where Blinken is failing as a diplomat including: Ukraine: Peace Talks Now!; China is Not Our Enemy; Free Palestine; No $$$ to Israeli Apartheid; Cuba Off the Terrorist List; Lift Sanctions of Venezuela and Cuba; and No War!”


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