RFK Jr. Says ‘It’s In God’s Hands If He Wins’ (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit


As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sat down with ABC News Host Linsey Davis where he talked about the CIA, corporatism, Ukraine, and was eventually censored while talking about vaccines.

In that same interview, however, Kennedy revealed whether he will run as an Independent or not.

When asked by Davis if he expects to win, Kennedy responded “it’s in God’s hands whether I win or not. I’m going to take the action and do what I need to do.”

Davis then asked “If you don’t win during the primary would you consider an Independent run?”

Kennedy replied “I plan to win the primary.”


A Fox News poll has Kennedy polling at 19% and the latest poll from Emerson College has him sitting at 21%.

Kennedy’s current poll numbers are quite high considering he just announced he’s running for president on April 19th.

Even though the DNC previously stated they will not host any Democrat primary debates this year, if Kennedy’s likability continues to rise Biden might not have any choice to debate Kennedy.

After Disastrous Debates in 2020, Democrats Have Decided to Not Hold Presidential Debates in 2024

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