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Edward Furlong is an actor, and one may argue that his most prominent role in the industry has to be when he was 13 years old. He impressed the audience with his performance as John Connor in James Cameron’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day. He also appeared in a short film following the popularity of the second Terminator film titled T2-3D: Battle Across Time which was a short attraction film with the main cast.

Although he has worked in different films growing up and has received several awards for his roles, too, he is most well known for his iconic role as John Connor. The franchise sky-rocketed his demand in the industry and gave a huge boost to his career. he received two awards for this role, an MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Role and a Saturn Award for the best young actor.

He has also played a role alongside other notable actors and actresses in a variety of films over the years. Some of the most notable ones are Before and After (1996), Little Odessa (1995), American Heart (1993), Pet Sematary Two (1992), Brainscan (1994), American History X (1998), Detroit Rock City (1999) and the crime drama Animal Factory (2000).

Edward Furlong During Terminator 2 Time

Edward Furlong Early Life

The actor was born on August 2, 1977, in Glendale, California. Not much is known about his personal life in the early years. However, since he came to the limelight of the Hollywood industry at a very young age, most of his life has been followed and reported on. Just one of the vices of being famous! 

From what we know, Edward Furlong does not seem to be having a very happy childhood as he was in the custody of his aunt, Nancy Tafoya, and his half-uncle Sean Furlong. It is also an evident fact that Furlong battled alcoholism and drug addiction throughout his entire career.

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Edward Furlong Dating History

To say that Edward Furlong had dated many individuals in his life is a true statement. During his younger days, Edward was known to experiment with his relationships, and he was officially seen dating several women. He has also gone through marriage and divorce in this dating history which makes for a more extensive list. 

Edward had around ten girlfriends before he met his first wife. He had short periods of relationships with Natasha Lyonne (1998 – 1999), Jacqueline Domac (1992 – 1998), Jolene Blalock (2001 – 2003), Paris Hilton (1999 – 2000), and Soleil Moon Frye (1990 – 1993). Among these, he has also been rumored to have hooked up with  Anne Bergstedt (2005 – 2006), Liz Levy (2003), and Stacy Fuson (2002).

Edward Furlong
Edward Furlong (Credits: Daily Express)

Edward met Rachael Bella on the set of ‘Jimmy and Judy’ which was their 2006 independent film. This was his first marriage, and at this point, he had already had numerous relationships. It was a whirlwind romance, and the two of them soon got married in April 2006. The relationship progressed very fast, and they even had a child by September 2006. It was obvious that Bella was pregnant even before the marriage, and some people speculate that they might have gotten married for the sake of the baby.

However, this relationship did not last, and they ended up filing for a divorce in 2009 which ended up happening in 2014. It might not be too presumptuous to say that there was not much of a relationship left between the two after they filed for divorce in 2009. 

Is Edward Furlong Dating Anyone Now?

Edward Furlong is currently dating Monica Keena. They have been dating for over 14 years now as the couple started their relationship sometime in 2008. There is not much of an age gap between the two, and they seem to be very comfortable with each other. They are not married, but they seem to be doing well, as their relationship has lasted for a long time. 

After a long list of unsuccessful relations, Edward found his partner in Monica, and they have been together for a long time. There had been rumors about Edward hooking up with other women even when he was in a relationship with Monica, but none of them had been confirmed to date. He seems to be settled with his dating life. 

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