When Did Whitney Houston Go To Rehab? The Late Singer’s Drug Addiction Became A Serious Issue


Want to know about Whitney Houston’s rehabilitation? Being her die-hard fan, you must be well aware of her drug addiction issues which significantly played a role in her sudden death. Don’t you? The tragic story of her sufferings never becomes old. However, it would be wrong enough to discuss that without learning some of Whitney’s forever-hit works. 

You must not miss out on Whitney Houston’s 2009 album: I Look to You. It’s incredibly good and never gets old! What about her other musical works? The list includes- I Will Always Love You, Same Script, Different Cast, One of Those Days, Love That Man, His Eye Is on the Sparrow, etc. Throughout her music career, Whitney collaborated with various renowned artists, such as Kygo, Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, Bobby Brown, etc. 

Coming back to Whitney Houston’s battle with drugs, she went to rehab several times, and not just once. It was repetitive. Little did you know, she was in pain. Because of that, it ultimately turned out to be a big habit, and she ended up losing her life too. That was pathetic. In other words, it was all because of consuming hard drugs, following which she even sacrificed her singing skills to some extent. But the question is- when did Whitney Houston go to rehab? Here is what we know! 

Whitney Houston (CC: Marie Claire)

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When Did Whitney Houston Go To Rehab? Everything To Know About Her Serious Battle With Drug Addiction 

For the very first time, it was in 2004, when Whitney Houston entered the rehab facility. In the following year, she again went to the same. Well, in other words, she was in an outpatient rehab program for drug and alcohol treatment. 

But, in 2009, Whitney Houston was reported to be using drugs again. We wonder if that was true. Hopefully not. When it comes to drugs, she called her ex-husband, Bobby Brown- “her drug.” On this note, she said that she didn’t do anything with him. Even he was addicted to the same.

Talking more about it, Whitney preferred marijuana laced with cocaine. The couple used to have ounces of cocaine, always available. Even though Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown enjoyed getting addicted to drugs, it made them pay a lot. The former lost her life, and the latter lost his child. A part of the reason was “drugs.” 

When asked about her drug addiction and later opting to enter into rehab, Whitney shared that she used to party a lot. It was in 2004 when she realized that the party needed to stop. After several years, in 2009, she confirmed to her fans that she had become sober. In the following year, she had to cancel her tour because of her illness. Some fans were highly disappointed with her performance later.

When Did Whitney Houston Go To Rehab?
Whitney Houston (CC: South China Morning Post)

We aren’t sure about how long Whitney Houston was in rehab and where she got treated. It was reported that she entered the program to “support her long-standing recovery process.” However, it was not just drugs or alcohol, but also some other issues. 

As mentioned already, Whitney Houston entered the rehab center in 2004. It was in Atlanta. She took very less time, more precisely just five days, as reported. Also, she was not just upset but felt like all the doors were closing for her, all because of her drug and alcohol addiction.

Whitney Houston died at the age of 48, which was too early. But, some people weren’t much surprised as they knew about her struggle with drug addiction. We do miss her! 

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