Not a Joke: Government-Endorsed Corporate Media Gives Award to Dishonest WaPo Hack for “Capturing the Spirit of Joe Biden” | The Gateway Pundit


These people are the worst.
Last night the government-endorsed corporate media gave an award to WaPo hack Matt Viser for his dishonest portrayals of Joe Biden.

Matt Viser was awarded for his reporting on Joe Biden that did not include ONE MENTION of his obvious dementia, his myriads of known criminal actions and canoodling with dictators, lying about his son’s laptop to the American public during a major election, disowning his grand-child, and his serial groping of women and children.

It takes some real talent to be THAT dishonest!

it makes you wonder how many fluff pieces Matt wrote for President Trump during his first term in office? I think we all know the answer to that.

These elites are truly soulless.

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