LE SSERAFIM Releases Final MV Teaser As They Near ‘UNFORGIVEN’ Comeback


LE SSERAFIM, one of 4th generation Kpop’s representative girl groups, is set to make their comeback in May with their much-awaited first full-length album ‘UNFORGIVEN’. As the clock ticks towards the group’s comeback on May 1st, 6 PM KST, fans have been driven over the edge of their seats with the excitement of the release of 2 MV teasers, an album trailer, a highlight medley video, and much more.

On March 16, SOURCE MUSIC delivered the extremely exciting news that LE SSERAFIM would be releasing an album in the first half of the month of May. Following this revelation, on April 3, the company confirmed that the group would be making a comeback with their first full-length album titled ‘UNFORGIVEN.’ 

LE SSERAFIM (Credits: Weverse)

With their debut as a six-member girl group on May 2, 2022, LE SSERAFIM quickly rose to popularity, securing their first music show to win a mere eight days after their debut. They raked in fans with their catchy dance-pop debut mini-album title track ‘FEARLESS,’ which they eventually released a Japanese version of.

Following a bullying scandal that unfortunately resulted in member Kim Garam leaving the group, LE SSERAFIM became a group of 5 girls and cemented their position as an extremely successful rookie girl group with the release of ‘ANTIFRAGILE,’ a song that got everybody hooked on the first to listen, accompanied by a lively choreography.

Now, the girls are returning with a bang, which is evident in the number of pre-orders for their album this time. It was announced by YG Plus that the pre-orders for ‘UNFORGIVEN’ crossed the large threshold of 1.83 million copies on April 28.  

Even before fans could get the constant repetition of “Anti-ti-ti-ti fragile, fragile” and “What you lookin’ at? What you, what you lookin’ at?” in their heads out of the way, LE SSERAFIM has announced their return with ‘UNFORGIVEN’ to take the K-pop world by storm again. 

MV Teasers Released

Music video teasers are an integral part of a comeback experience for any K-pop stan. The anticipation a short video that lasts less than a minute creates in fans is immeasurable. Considered one of the final steps toward an album release, these teasers are typically music videos in capsule form with a number of details left out, with just enough to garner attention. Watch LE SSERAFIM’S MV teasers for their upcoming music video ‘UNFORGIVEN’ below.

MV Teaser #1

Centered around a lovely white horse, the first MV teaser reveals nearly nothing about the title track but instead seemingly tells us what to expect regarding the theme of the music video. The teaser draws parallels between the group’s ‘DUSTY AMBER’ concept photos, with its shared elements from “Spaghetti Western” movies such as the famous soundtrack from the 1996 film “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” and the Western-style outfits.

The teaser opens with the group’s logo burning away, revealing a white horse galloping across black gravel. The shot eventually transitions into a series of scenes, starting with the entrance of Kim Chaewon riding the horse, then showing two shots of the other members sitting in an old Western bar while surrounded by airborne American dollar notes, and finally ending with Huh Yunjin’s voice saying “LE SSERAFIM,” all while the above-mentioned soundtrack continues playing.

MV Teaser #2

In contrast to the first MV teaser, the second one gives us a twenty-second-long peek into the group’s upcoming album’s title track ‘UNFORGIVEN.’ The teaser is fast-paced and has cuts of the chorus part of the music video merged together. It gives us a preview of what the possible highlight dance move could look like and leaves the audience a little shaken by the number of things happening simultaneously.

The teaser, once again, starts the group’s logo burning away, but it immediately jumps into the girls in front of a helicopter, dancing to what fans think is probably part of the chorus of the song. The following shots continue showing the girls dancing to the rest of the chorus in a different setting. The teaser, again, ends with  Huh Yunjin’s voice saying, “LE SSERAFIM.”

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‘UNFORGIVEN’ Comeback Schedule

The official promotion timetable was revealed on April 3, soon after the comeback announcement. The comeback schedule is what usually keeps fans sane as they anticipate their idols’ comeback. It fuels the interest of fans and their curiosity regarding the coming album by providing them with a timetable of the sneak peeks they can expect to receive before the actual comeback.

LE SSERAFIM Promotion Timetable and Concept Photo(Credits: TWT-@SOURCEMUSIC)

The schedule usually stretches out for a month or so, as shown in LE SSERAFIM’s promotional timetable below. It lays out all the dates for the revealing of the essentials of a K-pop album, such as trailers, teasers, and much more.

‘UNFORGIVEN’: What we know so far

Following the vague announcement of the group’s comeback in March, a lot of time has passed, and the enthusiasm of fans awaiting LE SSERAFIM’s comeback only continues to grow. Since then, a lot of the specifics regarding the album have been revealed, including comeback schedules, teasers, concept photos, trailers, the tracklist, and other exciting bits of information.

LE SSERAFIM never fails to keep their fans well-fed with content, so here are all the details that have been released so far!

Comeback Announcement

As per SOURCE MUSIC’s announcement on Weverse, fans were told that LE SSERAFIM would release music from their new album ‘UNFORGIVEN’ on May 1, a day before the group’s first debut anniversary.

However, they stated that due to difficulties in the distribution of albums that would be posed by Labor Day, the albums would officially only be released on May 2, 2023. SOURCE MUSIC took to LE SSERAFIM’s social media platforms to post the following video as part of the announcement, leaving fans curious and wanting more.

Album Trailer

Album trailers almost always serve the purpose of giving fans a teensy glance into the album’s concept. The trailer below stuns audiences with how it puts forward a creative movie-like display of the vibes of the upcoming album, with a narration by the members of LE SSERAFIM in multiple languages.

Concept Photos

Much like album trailers, concept photos always set the tone for an album, and LE SSERAFIM’s visually stunning concept photos for their upcoming comeback were released in 3 sets titled ‘BLOODY ROSE,’ ‘DEWY SAGE’ and ‘DUSTY AMBER’ showcasing three different sides of the multi-faceted group.

DUSTY AMBER concept photo for ‘UNFORGIVEN'(Credits: TWT-)

Visit @SOURCEMUSIC on Twitter for the full set of concept photos!

Track Sampler

A total of seven sets of track sampler videos were released through YouTube Shorts on the channel ‘HYBE LABELS.’ Watch TRACK SAMPLER A below and visit the aforementioned channel for the complete set of track sampler shorts!


The tracklist for ‘UNFORGIVEN’ was released on April 17, revealing that the album will contain 13 tracks comprising previously released songs, completely new songs, and new 2023 versions of previously released songs too. The 2023 versions were a special bit of news that intrigued fans even more.


Weverse Album ver. Photo

As a gesture of respect to the passing of ASTRO’s MOONBIN, Weverse Album ver, photos were not released according to schedule and were postponed to April 23. 

LE SSERAFIM 1st Studio Album 'UNFORGIVEN'Weverse Albums ver. PHOTO
Weverse Albums ver. Group Photo(Credits: TWT-@SOURCEMUSIC)

Highlight Medley

Highlight medleys are one of the biggest spoilers for an album and its tracks, as they contain the major parts of all the new songs set to be released. It is quite literally a medley of spoilers. Watch the highlight medley for ‘UNFORGIVEN’ below.

With just the Countdown Live left, we are nearing what seems to be LE SSERAFIM’S biggest comeback so far!

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Title Track Premiere on Knowing Brothers

On April 29, FEARNOTs got a taste of LE SSERAFIM’s upcoming album’s title track, which has already shown potential for being the next earworm for K-pop stans everywhere. The group appeared as guests on the well-loved variety show “Knowing Brothers” and showcased their performance skills by dancing to a snippet of their new title track ‘UNFORGIVEN.’

Fans everywhere have already expressed their love for the track and are looking forward to the album release with high expectations. Watch LE SSERAFIM’s short but captivating performance of ‘UNFORGIVEN’ below!

The girls also performed their previously released sensational tracks ‘FEARLESS’ and ‘ANTIFRAGILE.’ Check out their fun medley performance below!

Once again, don’t miss their comeback music video release on May 1 at 6 PM KST on YouTube.

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