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Jamie Lee Curtis is an actress and has been active in the industry for a long time. She gained popularity with her roles in horror and slasher films and has made a name for herself in the industry.

She is known for her exemplary roles in True Lies (1994),  The Fog, Prom Night, Terror Train (1980), Roadgames (1981), Trading Places (1983), A Fish Called Wanda (1988),  Nicholas’ Gift (1998), Scream Queens (2015–2016), Freaky Friday (2003), Knives Out (2019), and Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) to name a few.

Jamie Lee Curtis has also taken on the role of an author, as she is known to have written and published children’s books. The actress has a knack for multiple talents, and that is what makes her fans admire her. Her most popular boom was titled Today I Feel Silly, and Other Moods That Make My Day (1998), and it even ranked in the New York Times’s best-seller list, just proving the fact that she knows what she is doing. 

Jamie Lee Curtis’s Early Life

Jamie Lee Curtis was born on November 22, 1958, in Santa Monica, California. The role of the industry was in her bones from an early age, as both her parents were actors. Her parents’ marriage can not be stated as something of a fairy tale ending, as they divorced in 1962. Jamie Lee Curtis has stated how her father left her mother and her siblings because he was not interested in being a father anymore. 

Jamie Lee Curtis (Cresits: The Los Angeles Times)

While her childhood was not a ride in the part, she went ahead to study law only to drop out of her course and pursue her acting career, which would be her true calling. She has thrived in the industry ever since and has a lot of fans who have been following her work for decades. 

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Jamie Lee Curtis’s Dating History

Being in the limelight means that all your actions are watched by millions of fans. This also means that all personal relationships are also very intriguing to the fans. Jamie Lee Curtis did not have a crazy dating history, although she has had her fair share of boyfriends in the past. Her most prominent relationship before she met her husband was with British Rock singer Adam Ant. 

There had been several past relationships before the actress met her current husband. She has been known to date Adam Ant (1983), J. Michael Riva (1979 – 1983), Johnny Lee Schell (1977 – 1979), Shaun Cassidy, and Kevin Pollak over the years before she finally married and settled with Christopher Guest. 

There haven’t been a lot of exes of Jamie Lee Curtis that we can talk about. It seems that the actress kept her dating episodes in moderation. After seeing a picture of Christopher Guest in Rolling Stone, and told her friend Debra Hill that she was going to marry this man, and that is exactly what she did! They got married five months after this exchange. The story of their relationship and marriage is something exactly out of a movie, and Jamie states that she felt a strong connection with Guest that she had not felt before. 

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Adam Ant and Jamie Lee Curtis

Adam Ant has been known to date Jamie Lee Curtis. He is an English Rock musician and is quite famous for the songs that he has released over the years. His relationship with Jamie did not have a happy ending, but he was known to have married several women in his life. 

Adam Ant and Jamie
Adam Ant and Jamie Lee Curtis (Credits: IMDb)

None of his marriages lasted, and all of them ended up in divorce. 

Jamie Lee Curtis and J. Michael Riva

Jamie and J. Michael Riva dated from 1970 to May 1983. J. Michael Riva was a known Production Designer, and you must recognize his production of the famous film Django Unchained. Unfortunately, their relationship did not last even after that long period, and he ended up passing away in 2012.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Johnny Lee Schell

The couple were known to date from 1977 to 1979. Their relationship ended on a sad note, and fans were disappointed with yet another failed relationship, but things happened, and they moved on pretty well. However, Johnny Lee’s other relationships were not in the public eye, and he was known to have only one relationship with Jamie Lee Curtis. Not much is known about his other girlfriends, if he had any. 

Jamie Lee Curtis and Shaun Cassidy

The two had a relationship, but the dates of their relationship have not been made clear, so we do not have a direct timeline. Shaun himself had several other relationships in his life, and he was married two times. Neither of the marriages lasted, and his relationship with Jamie also ended. Shaun Cassidy is best known for his role in The Hardy Boys. 

Who is Jamie Lee Curtis Dating Now?

Jamie Lee Curtis is happily married to Christopher Guest. He is commonly known as a director, and he has not taken part in any on-screen roles. Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest married each other on December 18, 1984. They do not have any children of their own, and by that, we mean biological children. They have adopted two children, both daughters named Annie and Ruby.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest
Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest (Credits: Variety)

The couple seems to be very happy, and they have shared their lives with each other for a very long period. It is not very usual to find marriages that last this long. There is also quite a notable difference between their ages, but this fact does not seem to bother either of them. Therefore, we can say with certainty that Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest are still very much in love with each other and live a happy life with their two kids. 

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