Bad Bunny’s Dating History: Meet The La Jumpa Singer’s Ex-Girlfriends


Want to know about Bad Bunny’s dating history? Yes, we are talking about the La Jumpa rapper, who is currently making headlines for his romantic affair with the socialite. Who? We shall get to that later. He seems to get no chill when it comes to dating. Don’t you agree? Keeping that aside, for now, let’s briefly discuss Bad Bunny’s prominence in the music industry.

Who doesn’t know him? However, to the newbies, Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican rapper, doing wonders since 2016. Born in 1994, he is now 29 years old but has amazed a huge fanbase so early. When it comes to Bad Bunny’s music credits, the notable ones are- Ahora Me Llama, Mayores, Krippy Kush, I Like It, Mia, Soltera, Dakiti, Booker T, Volando, Party, and Neverita. Which is your favorite among these?

Being a huge fan of Bad Bunny, you must listen to his 2022 album, Un Verano Sin Ti. It’s amazing! 

Coming back to Bad Bunny’s past relationships, the one with Gabriela Berlingeri was pretty much prominent. Didn’t you know a bit about the link? It even lasted for quite some time. Then, what went wrong? Not to forget to mention, the rapper got romantically related to a few other women from the industry. Who are they? If you are looking for more details about Bad Bunny’s dating history, here is what we know. 

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Bad Bunny’s Dating History

Carliz Hernandez

When it comes to Bad Bunny’s dating history, Carliz Hernandez makes it to the top. Who is she? Carliz is professionally an attorney. Where does she serve? Well, it’s at Eldarondo & Lopez-Brass Law Firm, located in Guaynabo. Previously, Carliz also served as the legal clerk at a criminal and entertainment law firm. 

Bad Bunny and Carliz Hernandez (CC: Media Referee)

The La Jumpa rapper Bad Bunny and Carliz Hernandez started dating each other in 2012. Their romance lasted for live long years, finally calling it quits in 2017. However, this year, recently, their relationship has again come under the limelight after Carliz filed a lawsuit. She claimed that her “Bad Bunny, baby” voice was used by the rapper without her permission.

Talking more about that, those songs are Pa Ti, and Dos Mil 16. On this note, it is reported that Bad Bunny previously offered his ex-girlfriend, Carliz, $2000. Guess what? She denied it and now suing him for $40 million. That’s indeed a huge amount! 

When we talk about Bad Bunny’s relationship with Carliz Hernandez, the rapper is reported to have asked her to tie the knot in 2016. But she rejected the proposal and got admitted to the law school. Things just didn’t work. 

Gabriela Berlingeri

Next comes- Gabriela Berlingeri. How can we forget her while discussing Bad Bunny’s dating history? She is a fashion jewelry designer and owns a line too, called December 29. She started it in 2020. In addition to this, Gabriela has also worked as a model. 

Bad Bunny's Dating History
Bad Bunny and Gabriela Berlingeri (CC: Instagram)

Moving on with Bad Bunny’s romantic relationship with Gabriela Berlingeri, it all started after they met at a restaurant. The rapper was reported to be with his family at that time. There was a quick spark between the two, and it happened in 2017. Gabriela also worked with the rapper, by appearing in many of his videos. But, it seemed like they called it quits secretly. 

On this note, Bad Bunny shared that they don’t share any sentimental ties. In addition to that, he mentioned that he is best friends with Gabriela. 

Kendall Jenner

What about Kendall Jenner? Yes, she is the socialite we were talking about while hinting at Bad Bunny’s dating history. Remember? 

Bad Bunny's Dating History:
Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner (CC: MSN)

In case you don’t know, Kendall Jenner broke up with her NBA beau, Devin Booker, in 2022. Following their split, she got spotted with Bad Bunny at several events. No, it was not just any friendly gesture. If you thought so, then you were wrong! That’s how Bad Bunny started sparking dating rumors with Kendall. In February 2023, this rumored couple got spotted together having a special moment at a club in Los Angeles. What’s cooking? 

Best Wishes to Bad Bunny for the upcoming days of his life! Make sure you follow the Pa Ti rapper on his Instagram account for more updates.

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