Must See… Black Lives MAGA Video from Waco Rally!


ULTRA MAGA PARTY released another TERRIFIC VIDEO on Sunday.

President Trump held his first campaign rally of the season Saturday in Waco, Texas.

Over 25,000 supporters turned out for another MONSTER RALLY.

Ultra MAGA Party posted video of two hardcore Trump supporters who had a message for the black community.

“We know that you are out there. Maybe you’re afraid to show your support for America, for God, and for Donald Trump, and this country. Come on out. It’s OK. Come on out to the right side.”

“If you like high gas prices. If you like killing babies. If you don’t know whether you’re a man, a woman, a child, a unicorn, a frog. If you don’t know what you are or anything like that. If you think giving all your hard-earned money to a different country is what you like, this aint the party for you!”

“And guess what? If you keep voting left, you’ll have nothing left.”

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