Did Ranbir Cheat On Deepika? The Scandal of Past


Did Ranbir Cheat On Deepika? Popular Indian actor Ranbir Kapoor charmed the nation with his debut in the tragic romance flick Saawariya. From there, there was no looking back for the actor. The actor is known for his range and how he has experimented with his roles over the years.

Besides Ranbir Kapoor’s thriving acting career that recently got a boost after starring in the lead role in the box office smash hit, Brahmastra: Part One, the actor’s personal life has also been a focal point of attention for the media. Ranbir Kapoor has time and again been romantically linked with some of the leading ladies of Bollywood. Let us find out whether Ranbir Cheat On Deepika or not. 

Did Ranbir Cheat On Deepika?

Ranbir once spoke about how he cheated in a relationship and admitted that he did it out of immaturity and inexperience. He ended up taking advantage of certain temptations due to his sheer callousness. The Rajneeti actor added that he realized it when he grew up and began to value it more and understand why to be in a relationship and be committed to someone when one cannot be committed. 

Did Ranbir Cheat On Deepika? Cc: India Today

The Padmavati actress earlier opened up about the cheating allegations, saying that s*x is not just about physicality but also about emotions. Padukone state’s that she has never cheated or strayed when in a relationship and believes that one should stay single and have rather than fool around and be in a relationship.

Deepika Padukone admitted that the first time her former beau cheated on her, she thought there was something wrong with the relationship, but when someone made a habit of it, she knew that the problem lay with the person.

The actress did not hesitate to reveal how she caught her former partner red-handed and decided to move on. Ranbir and Deepika have, however, maintained a cordial equation. 

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Is Ranbir Kapoor married?

Although the actor has been romantically linked with his fair share of leading ladies of Bollywood, Ranbir Kapoor is happily married to popular actress Alia Bhatt. The two have also welcomed their first child together, Raha Kapoor. The Gangubai Kathiawadi actress recently celebrated her 30th birthday with her husband in London.

Alia Bhatt shared a picture as the two were seen out on a romantic late-night stroll in the beautiful streets of London. Ranbir Kapoor recently talked about his fatherly duties while saying he has mastered the art of making the baby burp! The actor also praised his ladylove, saying Alia is a better mother than a wife.

Ranbir Kapoor Praises Former Partner Deepika Padukone!

While Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone’s breakup was controversial and fuelled further by cheating allegations, the actor recently praised his former girlfriend, called him a “veteran,” and further applauded her growth over the years. While talking about Tamasha’s famous breakup scene, Ranbir admitted that Deepika’s impressive performance championed the scene.

Did Ranbir Cheat On Deepika

Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone Cc: India Today

Both the exes have worked earlier despite their ideological differences. Ranbir pointed out how the actress managed to make the scene come alive because one could feel the pain, and because of the effort, it was such a reactive scene that what he was doing, as Deepika was reacting, what she was doing in the breakup scene and so he was reacting as well.

The actor explained how Deepika Padukone’s acting growth while saying how when working with her in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, he was so surprised by the actor’s growth as Ranbir knows Deepika so closely, he was admittedly so impressed and And the time they worked in Tamasha, the actress was already a veteran.

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