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Curious to know about the experimental Oasis series? Interested to know where to watch the episodes of the series? The Oasis was a part of the experiment by the prime directed by Kevin Mcdonald. The series is based on a novel written by Michel Faber named The Book Of Strange New Things. Matt Charman does the screenplay of the series. The series belongs to the sci-fi and adventure genre.

The pilot for the episode is written by Matt Charman, who has previously been nominated for Oscars awards. The theme music of the show “Human” was given by Rag’n’ Bone Man. The pilot was loved and appreciated by the audience. The series pilot has a 4.5/5 rating on IMBD. The pilot was able to attract the audience towards it.

The series follows the protagonist, chaplain Petr Leigh, who is asked to travel to a remote planet where an off-human colony is being built by a company named USIC.

The company USIC is trying to build the colony in a last attempt to save humankind as the environment of Earth is collapsing. The colonists are blamed for several accidents, which took place on the unnamed planet in hallucinations. A desert-like landscape covers the unnamed planet. The exoplanet has no vegetation available but has natural underground water and a breathable environment.

A Poster Of Oasis [Credits- IMBD]

The series’ core cast includes Richard Madden as Peter Leigh, the protagonist of the show, Aislin McGukin as Vivian Hades, Jonjo O’Neil as David Morgan, Anil Kapoor as Vikram Danesh, the chief executive of the colony, Antje Traue as Sara Keller, the security officer of the colony, Michael James Shaw as BG, Haley Joel Osment as Sy, a botanist, Mark Addy as Paul Halloran, an engineer, Zawe Ashton as Severin, the doctor of the colony, and Maureen Sebastian as Alicia Reyes. And Flora Specer as Bea, wife of Peter Leigh.

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The Oasis Recap

The show starts with society and public order collapsing in London in 2032. There is a shortage of food and water on Earth’s surface. After his wife’s death, Chaplain Peter Leigh gets contacted by Vivian Hades, a USIC executive. Peter is on a video call with David Morgan, the owner of USIC. He is also the founder of the exoplanet with a desert-like structure.

Morgan convinces Peter to come on the exoplanet, which then travels to the colony. He is received with doubts by the crew, as nobody expected a chaplain to arrive on the planet. It is later revealed to Peter that several accidents have occurred in the exoplanet, which is blamed on the hallucinations of the colonists. It is also revealed that David has also gone missing after a tour he went on in the desert like an exoplanet.

One day Sara jogs in the desert the following morning, and she sees her daughter calling out to her. Sara also discovers the rover covered in blood stain, which David used for his excursion—a friendship forms between Peter and Paul, who reveals to him the death of his horse. The colony boss Danesh refuses Sara’s request to form a search party to find David.

Paul suddenly gets injured the next day while drilling the ground for water, hallucinating about his horse. The leader of the colonist concludes the hallucinations to be an attack on the crew. Peter discovers a hidden message recorded by David in his office and goes out searching for him.


A Still From Oasis [Credits- IMBD]

Oasis Streaming Guide- Episode Release Date

The series had one episode with a run time of 60 minutes. The pilot was well-received and loved by the audience. The pilot episode of the series was released on Amazon Prime.

Episode 1- “Oasis” – March 17, 2017

The series was part of an experiment done by Amazon Prime where they released the pilot of five different shows, and the rest of the episodes were to be released within a year on audience demands. Even though the show was well-received by the audience, it didn’t get picked up by the streaming channel. The pilot of the series received a 4.5/5 rating from critics.

Where To Watch The Oasis Series

The series was previously available for fans to stream through Amazon Prime. Currently, the series isn’t available for fans to stream anywhere. The fans miss the series pilot.

When Is The New Episode For Oasis Dropping?

The series will have no new episodes released as the series got canceled by Amazon.

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