Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 24: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch


The popular Survivor franchise serves as inspiration for the reality series Australian Survivor. The show is now airing its tenth season on television and has recently returned to the fans’ screens. The show, which premiered on January 30, 2023, has become a fan favorite due to its thrill and drama. This time, the protagonists and antagonists in the gameplay are playing from opposite sides.

The teams were divided into two tribes based on a number of characteristics. Samoan exotic locations were employed to shoot the season. The island has gained attention among the Survivor Crew due to being chosen for the third time to film Australian Survivor.

Australian Survivor has so far maintained their attention and TRPs alike. The last episode was high on action and twists. The fans are excited to learn about the upcoming episode, namely Australian Survivor Season 10 episode 24 release date and streaming guide. The last episode was high on drama and action.

It was clear that Simon had learned through his friendship with the Joker that sometimes it’s best to come out swinging. He gives Matt, Gerry, and Liz, three of George’s followers, some difficult-to-take medications. He claims that George is using them as “all pawns” and dragging them to the bitter end.

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Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 23 Recap

Simon responds, “You have nothing” on your Survivor résumé. Simon is told to stop by Liz and Gerry, but his remarks have shrunk Matt down a size. Regarding games, Matt is like the little older man who toils tirelessly for forty years and retires with essentially nothing. This is truly Gerry’s backstory.

A still from the show. Credits: (10Play)

Matt then decides and says, “I need to take a big step soon, or I’m out of options.” The castaways are preparing for the showdown at the immunity test with a difficult peg-standing endurance task. Simon stumbles and forfeits his fourth opportunity to win immunity.

Matt and Gerry are the only two left. Matt maintains his equilibrium and defeats his initial immunity test. He won’t be returning tonight. Matt says, “I’ve only got one shot,” to make a significant move against George.

He goes up to Simon and Nina and suggests they vote George out. Simon’s sloppily played games are all in favor of voting for George. Nina is hesitant, and after Matt leaves, she cautions Simon not to put his trust in Matt because, up until this point, he hasn’t shown any desire to cooperate with them.

When Nina decides that it would be wiser to support Gerry, word of her choice reaches George. George is anxious since the numbers are shrinking rapidly. He must maintain control over this group. Matt and Simon come across as star-crossed lovers as they look at each other in the tribal council, as some fans claimed on Twitter.

Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 24

A still from the series. (Credits: 10 Play)

JLP soon drops the bomb: nobody is returning home tonight. I’m still too traumatized from the pandemic in order to clarify the quarantine roles, so the two contestants with the most votes will be in the Australian Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains quarantine.

Nina, Nina, Nina, Nina, and Gerry were the most votes in that order. So Nine has to now stay in isolation from the show until the next order or any other task which she has to survive in alone.

Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 24 Release Date & Time

On March 27, 2023, at 7:30 pm AEDT, Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 24 will air on the Ten channel. The following schedule will be available to followers and viewers from all over the world:

  • EST (Eastern Standard Time): 5:30 am on April 2, 2023
  • PST (Pacific Standard Time): 2:30 am on April 2, 2023
  • CST (Central Standard Time): 4:30 am on April 2, 2023
  • JST (Japan Standard Time): 6:30 pm on April 2, 2023
  • GMT (Greenwich Mean Time): 9:30 am on April 2, 2023
  • IST (India Standard Time): 3:00 pm on April 2, 2023
  • PKST (Pakistan Standard Time): 2:30 pm on April 2, 2023
  • CET (Central European Time): 10:30 am on April 2, 2023
  • ACD (Australian Central Daylight Time): 8:30 pm. on April 2, 2023

Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 24: How to watch

For viewers inside and outside of Australia, Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 24 will be accessible on the 10Play App at the time shown above. Australian audiences can watch Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 24 live on Ten.

Fans from every nation and region have to first match their time zones with the hours and dates we have mentioned above to stream the show easily. Happy streaming!

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