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If you are interested in dark, gothic series that will give you the creeps, Supernatural is the perfect one to watch. Curious to know where the dynamic series was filmed? Eric Kripke Supernaturals came out on September 13, 2005, and entertained the audience with its 15 seasons. There are 327 episodes in total, with a run time of 38-45 minutes.

Each season has around 20 to 23 episodes, with Season 3 being the only one with 13 episodes. The series plot created waves among the audience. Even though the ending of the series was quite obvious, it successfully bound the audience to the end. It did create a fuss among the audience with its locations. It got people thinking about what is real and what isn’t.

The series is produced by Robert Singer and David Nutter. The series got produced under Kripke Enterprises in partnership with Warner Bros. Television. The production location of the series is British Columbia, Canada. The series initially premiered on the WB channel and was continued later on The CW channel. The series is full of mysteries. 

The series enjoyed massive popularity amongst the audience due to the phenomenal acting of the cast and the astounding cinematography. The chemistry between the two brothers was too good to be ignored by the audience. Another reason the series was a hit amongst the audience was due to the massive fan base, which they accumulated during the first season.

A Poster Of Supernaturals (Credits: IMDb)

Cast & Plot Of The Show

The series’ lead cast includes Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester, the younger goofy brother who has the quality of calling the spirits, and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, the older brother with a jock-like personality who can sense the spirits.

The recurring cast of the series includes Jefferey Dean as John Winchester, father of Dean and Sam Winchester, the demon slayer Nick Lynn as Meg Masters, daughter of demon Azazel, Fredric Lehne as Azazel’s Host, and Mark Sheppard as Demon Crowley. The series was in development for more than ten years as Kripke kept pitching the idea of the show to different producers unsuccessfully.

The show has some recurring elements in it, including a Chevrolet Impala driven by Dean. His father passes down the car, and he lovingly calls his car a baby. It is an important element as it’s a live-action series. The knife possessed by Ruby is also an important recurring element.

It is presumed to be a magical demon-killing knife. The series was a dream that came to life for Kripke as he was always interested in gothic, scary stuff and wanted to make an on-road series. The series’ plot begins and follows two brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester, and their fight against demons and supernatural beings.

Dean being, the older brother, is responsible and has a strong personality, while Sam, the younger brother, is goofy and often causes trouble for others. Sam was born with the ability to sense spirits and had visions of people before their death. Dean is born with the ability to call spirits and has strength no human possesses. Sam is initially not interested in joining his brother and dad. John began hunting demons after he was killed by a demon named Azazel.

Sam moves away for college and falls in love with a girl named Jessica. He is not interested in slaying demons till his love is killed by Azazel. Her death leads to the transformation of Sam into someone who enjoys slaying demons any chance he gets.

He joins hands with his brother to finish Azazel and avenge the death of his mother and the love of his life. Later in the series, the brothers lose their dad to the Devil when their dad fails to keep his end of the deal with the Devil.


A Still From Supernatural (Credits: IMDb)

The brothers are continuously traveling throughout the series, killing different demons and supernatural beings on their way. The series ends with the reunion of the two brothers in heaven after their deaths. Before the brothers died, they reunited for their last hunt before bidding farewell to their demon-slaying lifestyle.

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Supernatural Filming Locations

Buntzen Lake

 Buntzen is a beautiful lake with a length of 4.8 Km in British Colombia, Vancouver area. The third episode of season 1, “Dead In Water,” was shot in Buntzen Lake. The episode has a series of drowning cases happening in the fictional Lake Montico shot in the Buntzen Lake.


Scene Shot At Buntzel Lake (Credits: IMDb)

Cleveland Dam

The beautiful dam with an amazing height of 91 meters at its head at Capilano River in North Vancouver. The last scene of the fifth episode of season 2, “Simon Said,” is shot on the dam. The episode witnesses the brothers meeting a slacker with psychic powers who the Devil previously visited. This led the brother to think if he was one of the special children.


A Scene Shot At Cleveland Dam (Credits: IMDb)

Heritage Park

The astounding park in Burnaby has been used in Season 3, episode 6, “Red Sky at Morning,” for the cemetery scene. It is also used as the location in Season 3, Episode 5, “Bedtime Stories,” for the gingerbread house scene.


Scene Shot At Heritage Park (Credits: IMDb)

St. Andrew’s Wesley United Church

The beautiful church is used in Episode 2 in Season 3, “Houses Of Holy,” for the scene showing people visiting the church and praying to god. The episode basically shows the brothers in church talking with people about the mass murder which took place.


Scene Shot At St. Andrews Church (Credits: IMDb)

Riverview Hospital

The large beautiful mental hospital, which is abandoned at the moment, has been used for several scenes of different episodes. The hospital has been used for scenes in the episode “In My Time Of Dying” for the scenes of an asylum, and it was again used in the episode “Folsom Prison Blues” for the scene including the prison. The production wanted a sketchy location to give eerie vibes to the viewers, thus the reason behind using this location.

Crossridge Church, Surrey

The area around the church was shot to show an actual vintage cinema theatre in the series 14th season episode “Peace Of Mind.” The scene showing Sam and Dean travel to picture-perfect Arkansas is shot here. 

Dollarton Highway

The scenes of the two brothers driving into different towns from episodes 1 to 7 were shot on this highway. The scenes where the two brothers drive to a National Park in the 1st and 2nd episode is shot on the same highway.


Scene Shot At Dallorton Highway (Credits: IMDb)

Vancouver Internation Airport

The scenes showing the two brothers being called by a friend to investigate a plane crash in the episode “Phantom Traveller” was shot at the hanger of the airport. The brothers suspect that a supernatural being is behind the plane crash.

West Lawn Building 

The West Lawn Building is a beautiful area used as a fictional Toledo Hospital. In the scene in which Sam wakes up from a nightmare and goes berserk in the hospital with his brother, he is shot here. The lawn is part of the Riverview Hospital. The scene is from the episode “Bloody Mary” of the series.

Supernatural Was Much Loved By The Audience

The series was much loved by the audience and was able to build a massive fan following by the end of its very first season. The fans weren’t satisfied with the ending of the series as their expectations were higher than the delivery of the final scene. The film was considered to be a bit bold, with huge parts of humor in it. The audience said it was much better than the previously released supernatural shows.  

How To Watch Supernaturals Series?

 The series is available for viewers to stream through the Amazon Prime platform for their subscription. The subscription for the streaming platform is worth $14.99 monthly and  $ 139 yearly. If one is interested in a series surrounding paranormal activities, then one should definitely give the series a try. 

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