Jeyran Episode 52: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide


Jeyran, a persian television series that debuted its first episode on February 13, 2022, last year, is sure to keep you fascinated with its captivating love story full of surprises. This historical romance, which takes place during the Qajar era, is a reimagining of the brave and gifted Jeyran, who is torn between loving the King of Persia or her other lover Siavash.

The air date for Jeyran’s episode 52 has been set for this week! The real-life romance between Naser al Din-Shah, the King of Persia, and Jeyran, also known as Khadijeh Khanum Tajrishi, who was both his first mistress and is usually regarded as his favorite, is the inspiration for this Iranian historical drama written by Hassan Fathi and Ehsan Javanmard.

To know more about this Historical rendition of the Qajar Ruler and how the romance between him and Jeyran will take place, stay tuned! Because all the necessary information regarding Jeyran will be given to you in this article!


Our main character, Nasser Al-Din Shah, is an Iranian Persian King from the Qajar era. The Prime Minister and mentor of Nasser Al-Din Shah, Amir Kabir, passed away recently in the year 1852. Nasser was devastated and filled with sorrow after learning of the passing of his cherished teacher. His passing had turned the state and administration upside down.

He was so distraught about Amir’s passing that he refused to participate in any official activities or pay heed to his obligations as the King. The Queen was concerned about her son’s welfare after observing him to be so unhappy and was on a mission to do whatever it took to see his former self again.

Stills from Jeyran (2022)

Nasser brings Salman, his bodyguard, along so they may go hunting together in the city in an effort to relax and get away from the rigid rules of the Palace. The following day, Salman and Nasser travel undercover to the valley after Salman agrees to accompany his majesty and help him distract himself from the death of Amir Kabir.

He ran into Mohammad Ali Najjar’s daughter Khadijeh Khanum Tajrishi when he left the Palace grounds and fell in love with her beauty immediately. However, Khadijeh had a secret desire Siavash, a young man. They both shared feelings for one another and desired the possibility of a future together.

Khadijeh was frequently referred to as “Jeyran” because of her large, wide eyes. She treated Nasser with no respect because she didn’t know who he was or what position he held in the nation, and she quickly left the area. The King, who was now bothered by her attitude but mesmerized by her beauty at the same time, called her to the palace because he could not stop thinking about her.

Things start to become challenging from here because Jeyran has already vowed her loyalty to Siavash. What will Jeyran do, given that the King wants her for himself? Additionally, the Queen is uninterested in her since she believes she is unworthy to be her son’s wife, being a plebian. How will Jeyran handle these difficulties, and what will happen to her relationship between the Majesty and Siavesh?

Jeyran Episode 52 Release Date

Jeyran Episode 52 is set to release this coming Friday on 24th March 2023. As the dates may vary according to the time zone, the exact release date and time of the episode in different regions are provided below:

  • Indian Standard Time (IST) 11:00 PM Friday, 24 March 2023  
  • Eastern Standard Time (EST) 1:30 PM Friday, 24 March 2023
  • Turkey Standard Time (TRT) 8:30 PM Friday, 24 March 2023
  • Pakistan Standard Time (PKT) 10:30 PM Friday, 24 March 2023
  • Time in Thailand 12:30 AM Saturday, 25 March 2023
  • Time in Malaysia (MYT) 1:30 AM Saturday, 25 March 2023 
  • Pacific Standard Time (PST) 10:30 AM Friday, 24 March 2023
  • Time in Philippines (PHT) 1:30 AM Saturday, 25 March 2023
  • Time in Indonesia 12:30 AM Saturday, 25 March 2023  

Where to Watch Jeyran Episode 52?

For people in Iran, all episodes of Jeyran will be accessible on the Filimo platform, which is available on the local cable as well. The program will also be streaming on Aan TV for Pakistani viewers. Unfortunately, the show has not yet expanded to other streaming services, so foreign audiences cannot access it online.

Hopefully, the Historical Romance drama will be available to watch on other websites soon enough, as Filimo has not yet collaborated with global streaming platforms.

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