FOX and Friends Hosts Look Like They’re Going to Cry after Sharing Latest Poll that Has Trump Up by 28 Points – Try to Compare Trump to Jeb! Bush


Poor Brian Kilmeade sounds like he is reporting on a funeral this morning. The FOX and Friends host and Trump-basher reported on the latest Morning Consult pull showing President Trump up 54 to 26 over Governor Ron DeSantis.

Kilmeade then compared President Trump to Jeb! Bush in 2016. That’s a stretch!
Fellow FOX and Friends hosts look like they are reporting on a funeral.

Via Catturd2

President Trump’s lead continues to grow over Governor DeSantis with each poll. Not sure how that compares to Jeb Bush, Brian?

And wait until the next set of numbers come out. Oh boy! Republicans did not appreciate the governor’s response to the latest demonic assault on Trump.

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