Vanderpump Rules Season 10 Episode 8: Release Date & Streaming Guide


Vanderpump Rules Season 10 Episode 8 release date is what makes the fans most excited about its release, and we are here to update you regarding the same. The series throws light on a reality drama series that serves as a spinoff from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The entire show throws light on the life of Lisa Vanderpump. We see her running the business at her restaurants as well as the bars. The series has been particularly successful among the fans, which has resulted in two spinoffs for the same.

Along with Lisa, we also see her family members as well as the staff and other people working for her at the restaurants and bars. She owns three places in West Hollywood, California, called SUR Restaurant and Lounge and Pump Restaurant, and Tom Tom Restaurant and Bar. The crew is trying to build the business and take it to the next level by introducing show business as well. Throughout the episodes, we see them getting involved in personal dramas among family and friends.

After a tenth season, as confirmed for the fans, it was announced that Randall Emmett would not return to the 10th season at all. He even claimed through his socials that he never wanted to be on the series in the first place. Later around that same time, it was said that Brock Davies would be featured in a small role for the season.

Katie and Lala from Vanderpump Rules Season 10

Vanderpump Rules Season 10 Episodes Recap

Back in Vanderpump Rules Season 10 Episode 5, titled Lovestruck at the Discopussy, we saw that Katie planned to arrange a divorce party and take the whole team on a trip to Las Vegas and later to Lake Havasu. Although, we see her intentionally keeping Scheana off the guest list for the same. As for Lala and Raquel, they were seen flirting with the same guy later that day. By the end, it was obvious that Ariana was not happy as she had just got terrible news from her home.

In Vanderpump Rules Season 10 Episode 6, titled Divorce Party Crashers, we see the party which Katie has planned finally coming into action. She and Lala are very troubled by the thought that Raquel has made out with Oliver that night. As for Scheana, who was not invited here, they decided to throw a guy’s night to help Schwartz with the whole game.

Also, Tom and Tom are trying to understand something really big about their bar later and how they want its future to shape up. Lisa is worried about Ariana and is talking with her about the loss she just heard about.

In the most recent 7th episode of the season, titled Galaxy Gaslighting, we saw that James is not feeling happy to feel as if his friends are now going over to Raquel’s side instead. As for Lala, who has not hooked up with a guy for a considerable time, they finally seemed to be breaking the spell off of this one and finding a new man. By the end of the episode, we saw that Katie and Scheana were not so happy and kind of clashing over the hotel room mess.

Vanderpump Rules Season 10 Episode 8 Release Date

Vanderpump Rules Season 10 Episode 8 release date is on the 29th of March 2023. The episode will drop out on Bravo at 9 PM Eastern Time. New episodes of the series are released every week on the channel at the same time on Wednesdays.

How to Watch Vanderpump Rules Season 10 Episode 8

Watching Vanderpump Rules Season 10 Episode 8 is a fairly simple task. All you have to do is tune into Bravo at the designated date and time slot, and you are good to go. Also, the episodes will be available to stream online through the official website of the channel. International fans need to be careful of the schedule.

  • India – 7.30 AM Indian Standard Time (30 March)
  • Europe – 2 AM Greenwich Mean Time (30 March)
  • Australia – 12 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time (30 March)
  • USA – 9 PM Eastern Standard Time (29 March)
  • Canada – 9 PM Eastern Standard Time (29 March)

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