This is Where I Leave You: Filming Locations


Many directors of Hollywood have made a name for themselves through their works, which have received a lot of appreciation worldwide. Creators of multiple films belonging to various genres have reached splendid heights by delivering fantastic movies.

Shawn Levy belongs to that list of modern elite directors. He has directed and produced many famous films like Free Guy, Night at the Museum, etc. One of his prominent films named, “This is Where I Leave You” is one of his most-loved films.

Directed in the year of 2014, This is Where I Leave You is one of the best comedydrama films which came out during that year. Shawn Levy has been the creator of a lot of legendary movies which have won the hearts of fans, and this film has captured a spot in that list.

Starring lead actors like Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Adam Driver, Rose Byrne, and so on, the film This is Where I Leave You has delivered a really exciting and fun-filled experience for a lot of fans through its storyline and other essential entertaining components.

Acting and all the necessary humor elements belonging to the storyline have been the key factors for the success of the film. The movie managed to perform reasonably well by yielding a return that was double the amount of $20 Million US Dollars, which was the fixed budget.

The story of This is Where I Leave You is based on the novel of the same name, written by American Screenwriter, Producer, and Novelist named Jonathan Trooper. The novel has attracted a lot of media attention by becoming one of the international best-sellers of all time.

This is Where I Leave You is pretty different from a lot of other average comedy-drama films in terms of the storyline. Shawn Levy has done really good work by adding altered scenes that are minorly different from the novel version for the sake of making it a good cinematic adaptation.

The film has accomplished its job by coming out as a pretty good comedy-drama which had its focus primarily on the family audience. Let us now look at the plot of the movie This is Where I Leave You without any further ado.

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Actors Adam Driver and Corey Stoll from This is Where I Leave You (Credits: Empire Magazine/Youtube)

The Plot of This Is Where I Leave You

The story of the film This is Where I Leave You revolves around the life of a family who is made known to us as the Altmans. All the main stars of the film belong to the Altman family, according to the storyline.

The whole film includes events that take place within the span of 7 days. The plot starts off with the death of Mort, the senior member of the Altman family. His children, who are now married adults with their own personal troubles and newly found relations, come together in order to pay tribute and mourn their father’s demise. 

The majority of the story takes place in the house of the Altman family, where a lot of events tangle with each other. All the family members and their close ones unite under the name of mourning.

Little is known that this unfortunate event is to become the start of a lot of new connections and relationships. The story is filled with a lot of sour and happy moments which take place between the main and supporting characters of the film.

This Is Where I Leave You: Filming Locations

This is where i leave you filming locations

New York City

The film, This Is Where I Leave you, isis filled with many impressive visuals, including beautiful localities with a bright ambiance. Even though most of the filming was done within a single house, other shots taken outdoors included a lot of impressive sights.

Filming was done primarily within the key regions of the state of New York located in The United States. To be more specific, the filming crew of the movie proceeded to shoot the film in the city of New York and traveled to nearby regions as well.

This is where i leave you filming locations

Port Chester, New York

Regions within the state of New York City, like Long Island, Port Chester, Suffern, and Rye, also appeared in several main scenes of the film. The creator and producers of the film have chosen the right spot for filming as it has matched perfectly with the feeling that the storyline projects to its fans.

The principal photography of the film took place during the mid-months of the year 2013. The main house which appears in the film is located in the region known as Munsey Park of Long Island, New York.

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