Power Book II Ghost Season 3 Spoilers: Lorenzo Is Going To Die


Power Book II Ghost Season 3 Preview is out, and from all indications, Lorenzo will die soon. In this article, I will talk about Lorenzo’s error when he shot Zeke and who is likely to find out that he was the one who shot Zeke. I will also discuss Tariq, Diana’s new discovery, Lauren holding a Cutter knife, and more. Now let’s get straight into the topics.

Now, Tariq seems to have fallen into some bad hands and got rescued by Noma. In the trailer, some people held Guns on Tariq and one to his Head, I’m sure the deal went bad, but luckily for him, Noma came to his rescue and shoots the people. This scene again will show Tariq the accuracy of Noma because the person holding the gun to his head has his blood spilled on Tariq’s cheek after Noma shot them.

Now someone might ask how I know is the same scene. Now if you look at the environment, the dresses, and the temperature, you will know that it was the same location, and there are some trucks in the background as well.

Power Book II Ghost Season 3 Spoilers

Now, first of all, let’s look at the errors Lorenzo made when killing Zeke. In the last episode of Power Book II Ghost Season 2, when Lorenzo shot Zeke thinking that it was Mecca, he made some errors before leaving the scene. Now if a thorough investigation is done at the crime scene, I’m very sure they will soon get Lorenzo.

After shooting Zeke, he didn’t leave the scene immediately, he went to check the car Zeke drove there and further opened the door with his bare hands living his fingerprints on the door. Also, the Pilot also saw his shaved head even though the place seemed dark. So his description can point fingers at Lorenzo.

Aside from that and his fingerprint on the car, the next thing could be the civilian camera that may show Lorenzo was close to or around the scene. But then it’s been 3 months now and the police didn’t say anything about even a suspect. So, it’s likely that they haven’t explored these options yet.

Now there is pressure on Lorenzo to give Monet some answers about who killed Zeke. But since he is responsible for the crime, He is likely to make some decisions that might make him even more suspicious.

Now in the recent Power Book II Ghost Season 3 trailer, we heard Lorenzo telling Monet that whoever did that shit to Dru, did Zeke too. I feel Lorenzo’s desperation to get some answers for Monet, made him set up Dru to be roughed by some guy so that he can conclude that, is the same person who killed Zeke too. Then he will go and bring that guy to Monet as Zeke’s killer.

Now Monet is likely to buy into this idea quickly because of the emotional pain she is going through over Zeke’s death. But Cane will not buy Lorenzo’s theory. This will further make Lorenzo suspicious of Cane. Now if Cane is smart, he can play with Lorenzo’s mind to get him to confess to him what happened to Zeke. I have a feeling that Cane will be the first to put 2 together and realize Lorenzo shot Zeke.

Lorenzo Is Going To Die

Now still on Lorenzo, this new Power Book II Ghost Season 3 trailer exhibits that Lorenzo is definitely going to die in this season. That is why in the first trailer, we see Cane and Dru, as the first two sons in front of their father’s casket. Then Again, Cane is seen wearing his father’s Jesus piece around his Neck. We all know Cane has been wanting to be his father’s right hand, so it’s not surprising to see him wearing his chain even before his burial.

Blanca briefing her crew (CC: Starz)

Now in this new trailer, we see Blanca briefing her crew on her lead suspects. Now if you look closely at the board, you will see Tate, Tariq, Davis, Monet, then Lorenzo. Now on top of Lorenzo’s picture is another picture of a dead person I believe is the same, Lorenzo. The shape of the head from where I see it looks like that of Lorenzo. I don’t know about you, but let me know who you think that is. Do you also think or agree this could be Lorenzo?

Then we have Cane, Dru, and even Zeke and Jabari. I believe Carrie and Diana, and even Brayden will be part of that list. Now one thing I know about Blanca is that she is very good with her theories, but getting solid evidence has been her challenge till now. The more she seems close to getting evidence, the further away she is from getting it as proof. But let’s see if this time around, Blanka can nail this RICO case. So as you see here, our guy Lorenzo will catch a hot one soon.

How Will Lorenzo Will Be Killed?

Now Let me guess how Lorenzo might have been killed, now this is my theory if I was the writer. Now, this is how I think Lorenzo’s death can also play out, provided Monet didn’t kill him herself.

Now When Noma raided Mecca’s penthouse, Cane informed the family about the new beast in town. He also told them that she is looking for Mecca’s killer. So technically, Monet knows Noma is looking for Mecca’s killer as much as she is looking for Zeke’s killer. In other words, Noma is looking for Monet.

Now if eventually, Monet finds out that Lorenzo was the one who killed Zeke, which will come as a shock to her. Knowing that she was also the one who Offed Mecca, she can potentially give up Lorenzo to Noma as the one who killed Mecca. Then Noma will take out Lorenzo instead of Monet as Mecca’s killer.

Power Book II Ghost Season 3 Spoilers

Monet will avenge Zeke (CC: Starz)

Monet will feel she has to avenge Zeke’s death while staying alive even though she was the one who actually killed Mecca. This is what I think, I don’t know about you, but let me know what you also think about this. Especially on how you think Lorenzo will be exposed for Zeke’s death.

Lauren And Diana

Now let me talk about Lauren and Diana, but Diana first. The always snoozing Diana is up again with another discovery. Now we all know that Diana’s discoveries so far have changed the dynamics of issues in Power by bringing serious tension. Over here, we see here finding out some hidden Cash under someone’s Bed. Now, whoever is Hiding Money under their bed should get ready cus Diana knows.

For this, I can’t even guess who is hiding lots of cash under their beds here. Maybe it’s her new roommate Becca, or it could be Monet. I don’t know, but let me know what you also think.

Now Lauren is still after knowing the truth, and how soon she will come back to life again. But here in the Power Book II Ghost Season 3 trailer, I can only assume that Lauren is getting tired of the hideout, and she probably was sneaking out in the middle of the night, and she was caught by a guard. So, If you notice, she is holding a cutter knife. I can only assume she was holding that as protection. Let me know what you also think about that as well.

Monet And Diana

Now let’s talk about Monet and Diana. Monet feels Diana is the cause of Zeke’s death. She feels if she hadn’t exposed the maternity of Zeke in the first place, all this wouldn’t have happened. And I also think if Diana didn’t look inside Mecca’s bag, Lorenzo wouldn’t have had any reason to step out again in an attempt to kill Mecca himself.

Power Book II Ghost Season 3 Spoilers

Diana with Monet (CC: Starz)

Now Lorenzo’s idea of Diana also attending Stansfield is not going to help matters between Diana and Monet. The mentioning of Stansfield alone will remind Monet about Zeke, and to think of the fact that Diana is also there now will make Monet extremely angry with Diana.

In the Seasons trailer, we saw Diana making out with a guy that isn’t Tariq. After watching the first episode, I will say that Diana will be having some random affairs with their TA or teaching assistant. Now that was the person we saw in the trailer.

Now I think apart from Monet, Cane is equally not happy with his sister. Now this scene was very funny to me when Lorenzo was cheering Diana up, she waved at the family, and of cause, as expected, Monet was going to show attitude, but with Cane, his reaction was very funny even though it’s sad seeing Diana treated as the black sheep.

Now let me ask, Do you also think Diana is to blame for Zeke’s death? Do you think things would have been different if Diana didn’t expose Monet to Zeke? Or even look inside Mecca’s bag? Don’t forget even if Diana didn’t say anything, Mecca was still in play with regard to Zeke. Let me know where you also stand, either with Monet in this, or you side with Diana.

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