Cop Adam Episode 15: Release Date, Preview & How to Watch


Serial adaptation of a real life story, Cop Adam is a Turkish drama that has sure earned much deserved praise and popularity. This OGM pictures’ production explores the trope and psychological theories of obsessive love and presents a mysterious romance story for the viewers to enjoy. Exceptionally well-casted, at the airing of its very first episode the Turkish drama incited great curiosity within the audience to know more as the plot slowly unfolds on the screen, telling a re-imagined real-life story, dramatized with enhanced emotional appeal and connect. It is a show about whether mad desire and obsession can really turn into genuine affection and true love? 

Cop Adam is also well-known by its other name ‘Stick man.’

Cop Adam

Tamer is a troubled young man who is traumatized by the upsetting events of his childhood where he with his sister was dropped off at an orphanage by their parents and met a world of struggles. He bravely pulled himself up and took care of his sister. Growing up he becomes a talented software developer who has created an especially popular game that brings him tons of money as an American company buys out half the shares of his gaming company. 

Taking his sisters, parents with whom his relationship is quite strained and his wife and kid, Tamer shifts to a huge villa to live lavishly. Deep inside, however, even after the many years Tamer still carries the wounds of his past that have festered and turned into ugly scars that keep haunting him.

Peri is a smart young woman in her early thirties, a private bank manager and married, living with her husband and ill sister, Naz.  During her tender childhood, Peri’s mother left their family cruelly to go live with her lover and a while later Peri’s father passed away leaving her and her sister to fend for themselves.

Gifted with beauty, brains and a strong character, Peri is envied by her own sister whom she took care of so dearly. She is devastated upon discovering her sister naked in a bath tub with her husband and in her hysterical, emotional state she thinks of committing suicide. 

Tamer comes across the grief-stricken beauty and feels compelled to have her. Peri is kidnapped and brought into a villa’s basement where Tamer makes her enter a game-world where he portrays himself as very close to Peri. In this new world, creation of Tamer, Peri finds herself falling in love with the man while having a dangerous feeling of premonition. Is this just Stockholm syndrome or can this rightfully be termed as love?

Cop Adam – Cast 

The handsome and talented Engin Altan Düzyatan acts as Tamer, the troubled soul who becomes obsessively attached to the lovely Peri. Best known work of Düzyatan is Diriliş Ertuğrul which is an on-going drama that has claimed a lot of love and support from fans of the show. 

Cop Adam Episode 15

Engin Altan Düzyatan as Tamer

Elçin Sangu is an elegant, top-notch actress who portrays Peri phenomenally as both innocent yet tough. Although she has many works to her name, Öyle Bir Geçer Zamanki is the special one that made her career.

Cop Adam Episode 15

Elçin Sangu as Peri

Cop Adam Episode 14 Recap

As Tamer and Peri rejoice at their reunion, Berrin (Tamer’s wife) with Meryem (Tamer’s sister) and Damla shift out of the villa to settle in a hotel room. Berrin is forced to painfully withdraw her entire emotions and consciousness within her as she admits to herself and accepts that she has lost Tamer forever. However, Peri’s actions rage her up and she feels threatened of losing the last thing she holds dear to herself. Berrin’s child – Damla is unable to bear witness to her mother’s sorrow and strengthens her resolve to take action and creates a shocking plan. Peri and Tamer have yet another obstacle coming their way.

Happy to be celebrating the biggest day of their lives, Tamer and Peri never expected the sudden arrival of an uninvited guest to ruin things beyond compare.

Cop Adam Episode 15

Cop Adam Episode 14

Cop Adam Episode 15 Release Date 

The latest episode 15 of Cop Adam is releasing on 22nd March, Wednesday at 20:00 hours for the viewers in Turkey. The date and time of release for some of the major countries are listed below-

  • For viewers in the US: 1:00 pm EST on Wednesday, 22nd March.
  • For viewers in Canada: 1:00 pm NT on Wednesday, 22nd March.
  • For viewers in India: 10:30 pm IST on Wednesday, 22nd March.
  • For viewers in Australia: 4:00 am AEST on Thursday, 23rd March.
  • For viewers in the Philippines: 1:00 am PHT on Thursday, 23rd March.
  • For viewers in Japan: 2:00 am JST on Thursday, 23rd March.
  • For viewers in South Korea: 3:00 am KST on Thursday, 23rd March.

Cop Adam Episode 15 How to Watch

Cop Adam is a OGM pictures‘ production which airs on STAR Tv. Restricted to Turkish viewers, this series episodes are not currently available for viewing for international audiences.

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