Black Alien Before And After: The Black Alien Project


An alien? Yes, we will be discussing an alien symbolically though not really. And before we proceed, this post might not be for everyone, so tread carefully. A French man named Anthony Loffredo has gone to extreme lengths, showing literally anything can happen in this age. He turned himself into our imaginary alien figurine through devastating medical surgeries, as clear from the picture above.

The story behind why Anthony turned, mutated, or transformed himself is simple. Anthony has been obsessed with mutations and transformations since he was a little kid. One day he realized he wasn’t happy with his life and flew off to Australia to try what he always wanted to do. In the next few months, he completely transformed from Anthony Loffredo to the Black Alien and started the Black Alien Project.

His idea wasn’t to portray an alien but more of a real-life scary character, and on his way, he started looking like the fictitious ET character we have always imagined. Since then, Anthony has crossed extreme lengths to add something new to his transformation. While no one knows what he aims to do with his actions, let’s see and understand his character.

The Life Of The Black Alien: Anthony Loffredo 

French guy Anthony Loffredo was a normal-looking guy with a regular job as a guard. He took this path when he was 27. Due to the lack of satisfaction, he founded The Black Alien Project. In a social media video, he explained that whatever he did and is doing helps him understand life in a better way.

Anthony’s face looks completely different from what it looked like before. He cut off the front of his nose, making it look more pointy. He got both his ears chopped off, and only a big hole remains at the place of the ears, probably helping him with his hearing. In the above picture, you can find some parts inside his head, and while he never revealed what those are, it might be some metal fiber combination.

(Left) Black Alien, (Right) Anthony Loffredo

What we define here will never be accurate since he keeps changing his body according to his needs. The latest pictures show a more clean head, with minor bulgings. It looks like he got some of them removed and tamed the others inside. In addition, he has also cut his tongue in half, and it looks exactly like a snake’s tongue.

Things don’t stop here; his entire body is covered in tattoos, even his eyes. With a hole above his jaws, he keeps attaching toys to his tongue through the hole. He has cut two of his fingers and has curly implantations inside both of his hands. I can’t figure out how he keeps it in without tearing his skin.

Black Alien’s Personal Life

There isn’t much about the personal life of Anthony. He is 33 years old as of 2023. Two years ago, Anthony posted a picture with his mother on Instagram. We don’t know her name yet, and it looks like she adores her child. Besides these, he only has pictures and videos of his transformations and updates for his followers regarding his daily life.

Anthony is a tattoo artist now and a public figure with 1.3M followers on Instagram. He rarely appears on any platform or media source other than his Instagram. This has made it rather tough for anyone to connect with him and ask for his detailed views on what’s next.

Even after all this, he is only at 46% completion of his project. No one knows where it will all end. He has already shown interest in getting more of his fingers and a leg chopped off. Whatever Anthony has done with his body is a complication for the people.

Some admire the work, and some hate it. It is a dangerous act, and promoting something like this isn’t ideal. Leave aliens from outside space, the earth would be walking with aliens from different countries. With 54% to go, let’s see what more changes he brings to his body. Though I don’t support it, it’s going to be intriguing.

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