Moonshiners Season 12 Episode 17: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide


The release date for Moonshiners Season 12 Episode 17 is here, and the fans want to know what news they can see in this upcoming episode and when it will release. So without any delay, you will get to know all about the next episode, including the release date and the preview, and if you missed the previous episodes, then don’t worry. The recap is also available. 

The television documentary series is based on people who make illegal Moonshine in America and how their lives go on. The narrator of the show is Jeremy Schwartz. The duration of every episode is around 60 minutes. The show was first released on December 06, 2011.

There are some parts of America where the manufacturing of Moonshine is illegal, like North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, and the Appalachian Region of Northern Carolina. But still, the show displays the production of Moonshine and how they are made by the people. During these years, the show gains a good amount of popularity and viewership. 

There are different Moonshiners producers with different styles. They compete with each other to make the best Moonshine in their area. There are three different spin-offs of the show as well. Some of the contestants are Jerry, Daniel, Mike, Digger, and Richard.

A still from the series. Cr: Discovery+

Recap Of The Show

The local detective was not available in that area, so the illegal production of alcohol started. So the team also bought the different products that are needed for the production of the alcohol. A lot of sugar was also purchased from the merchants. Sugar is a normal thing to buy, but for Moonshiners, it is the most important and the most costly product.

They found a vendor who was ready to give them 20,000 pounds of sugar which he got from his friend. After some bargaining, they finally agreed to buy the sugar. Mike and Jerry were seen with some Jasmine flowers because they wanted to produce something new and special.

Despite not initially seeming to be edible, the blooms have a taste similar to honey and a scent similar to grass. Richard needs to construct a new facility because of a heist that left several barrels from his existing one gone. He wants to make a drink that might be better than other local beverages to stop losses for his company.

Tim Smith, Mark Ramsey, Jeff Waldroup, Mark Rogers, Steven Ray Tickle, Eric Manes, Jeremy Schwartz, Bill Canny, Mike Cockrell, Patti Bryan, and Jim Tom Hedrick are the contestants of the show. The makers of the show state that they don’t usually show the real events in the show. And the local officers have also criticized the show for showing the illegal manufacturing of these alcohols.

In episode 16, we see When Josh returns from Brazil, he finds a fire marshal who has become more assertive and who has serious concerns. Mark and Huck are persuaded by Amanda to produce rye whisky without the use of sugar. To deliver a $15,000 whisky run to Nashville royalty, Digger and Beaz compete.

Moonshiners Season 12 Episode 17 Release Date And Preview

Moonshiners Season 12 Episode 17 will air on Wednesday, March 22, at 8:00 pm US time with a run time of 60 minutes. The release date for different time zones are:

  • For the Australian watchers/fans: March 23, 12:00 pm. Australian Eastern Daylight Time
  • For the German watchers/fans: March 23, 1 am, Central European Time
  • For the Indian watchers/fans: March 23, 6:30 am Indian Standard Time
  • For the British watchers/fans: March 23, 1:45 am, Greenwich Mean Time
A still from the series. Cr: Discovery+

A still from the series. Cr: Discovery+

The title for the episode is “Maggie Valley Mayhem,” and we will see Old-time Franklin County moonshine maker Cecil Love, 95, gives Josh and the Laws permission to recover a secret still and re-create his original recipe. Ineffectively, Richard and Craig’s jury rig a replacement for their lost still arm.

Where Can You Watch Moonshiners Season 12 Episode 17?

The episodes of Moonshiners season 12 have always been accessible through Discovery Go and Discovery+. Each fan will only need to contribute $5 towards Discovery +. Moonshiners episodes are accessible on demand via YouTube TV, Discovery Go, Vudu, and Discovery+ websites. The documentary’s episodes are also available on 

Customers in the UK have the option of watching the program on Amazon or Discovery UK. Moonshiners are available for streaming on Foxtel in Australia.

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