What Happened In The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 9? The Women Tell All

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 9 was the Women Tell All episode, where all your favorite contestants like “who” and “huh” is here to talk about the big dramatic moments of the season, like when Zach kissed Kat that one time. So to up the drama, Jesse and production are hyping up fantasy suites, or as they’re referring to it this time: “Zach likes to call it sex week.”

Alright, do you think production gave that Lady this “Sex Week” T-shirt, or she just happened to be wearing it when she walked in? I like to think the latter. But this tell-all in the first 20 minutes is more dramatic than the entire season.

So, of course, from here, Jesse starts going over the main drama points of the season: Christina Mandrell, who Kat says sucked up the energy of the room whenever she was there; Then Anastasia, who thought Kylie was literally going to fight and of course, the claim that she was there just to gain followers.

At the end of episode 8, in the Rose Ceremony, Ariel receives the first rose, Katie receives the second, and then it comes down to Charity or Gabi. So Zach chooses Gabi and sends Charity home. But wait a minute before feeling sorry for Charity. Her moment will come to shine by the end of episode 9.

What Happened In The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 9?

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 9 starts with some girl who we don’t remember and was eliminated in the first week says that she was told that Kylie said that she was only going on the show as a business opportunity. Then she also goes on to say that she has the receipt.

Victoria says that Kiley had a boyfriend (CC: ABC)

My favorite part of the segment is everyone yelling that they have the receipts, but no one is showing the receipts. That is until a big bomb of a rival drops that Anastasia had a boyfriend while being on the show and that her boyfriend was looking after her dog.

So Jesse Palmer goes, “Whoa, whoa, whoa there, Buckaroos. Let’s slow this one down. Anastasia, wanna respond to that?” Anastasia says that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. But then one of the girls says, “then who is watching your dog?” And to this, Anastasia says that her mom was looking after her dog. I cackled when she said well, “who was watching her dog” as if only a boyfriend could do that.

The Anastasia Drama

Then turned to the other Anastasia drama from this season, her saying Kylie was going to literally fight her and calling her aggressive. To this, Genevieve says that Kylie, Ally, Mercedes, Charity, and black women in general, every day deal with the stereotype of being aggressive people, and they deal with these very harsh microaggressions.

Then, Anastasia apologizes for this, and Kylie says that while they did talk about it earlier, it felt as though it wasn’t so much an earnest outreach of concern. But she does now accept her apology and hopes Anastasia can learn and grow from their experience.

Katharine And Brooklyn

From here, we then move to Kat and all that drama from when she kissed Zach before Charity’s one-on-one. Both her and Charity stating that they were good and talked it out. So Katharine says that she thinks that the thing that was not mature and was not handled appropriately was how Brooklyn spoke to her and about her character.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 9

Katherine still has a problem with Brooklyn (CC: ABC)

I see. Brooklyn came prepared with all her canned one-liners from the season ready to go. Wonder if she’ll be meeting up with the sex shirt lady after the show to try and sell her some “if the shoe fits” merch. So yeah, there’s no love lost between Kat and Brooklyn, as Brooklyn still calls Kat classless, and Kat says she took her attacks too far.

Jess And Her Body Glitter

But with that done, it’s now time for the first hot seat segment with Jess. Here. Jesse goes over her one-on-one discussion with Zach that led to their breakup, where Jess says that the two were just poorly communicating with each other, but she’s proud of how she left the show. So Jess says that she has never seen herself be so strong when it comes to breakups before. And that she was smiling because she was proud of herself.

OK, Jess is for sure getting a spot in Paradise, right? I mean, Jesse just goes on and on about her saying stuff like he loves the fact that she is talking about learning to love herself and knowing that she is worthy of love. Then he goes on to say that Jess lights up every room that you’re in.

And apparently, I’ve heard that behind the scenes, the whole cast really loves Jess. She could be a Paradise lock. Then Jess talks about her body sparkle and how it gives her confidence. And I think, after this episode, she will definitely get a body glitter sponsorship for sure.

Greer Apologizes

Next up in the hot seat is tea girl Greer. And this is the most shocking part of the whole The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 9 as Jesse brings up news that Greer made social media comments in the past defending someone who wore blackface. Jesse says that the show did a very poor job in the past seasons of not addressing serious topics and that they are not going to miss that opportunity tonight.

The Bachelor Season 27 Women Tell All

Gabi explains herself (CC: ABC)

OK, My jaw was on the floor. I never thought I’d see the day the show admitted stuff like this. Because yeah, this is exactly what the Tell All is for, coming up here and addressing these controversies, giving people like Greer an opportunity to address it and not have it be swept under the rug for us to assume the show doesn’t care.

Greer says that they knew forming blackface was racist. Her defending it was racist. Her ignorance was racist. And she is deeply sorry that she heard about the black community. Wait, they even have a diversity consultant? What show am I watching? Never thought I’d see it.

Katharine And Charity’s Experience

Now the final two hot seat segments are for Kat, who describes how she’s still unsure about what went wrong with Zach but has an update on her relationship with her mother. She says that she now has a mother-daughter relationship with her mom.

And that her whole family came close together through this journey of hers. And she and her mom can really start building a healthy relationship. And then it’s Charity’s turn. Here Jesse goes over her breakup and her relationship with Zach. When Jesse asks Charity what it was for her with Zach, Charity is just like, “hmm,” for a minute.

Then Jesse brings up what lessons Charity has learned from this experience, and she says that now she knows she’s worthy of finding love again. Charity says that she is now even more eager and ready to find her person. And that she doesn’t know what’s to come.

The Bachelor Season 27 Women Tell All

Charity says hmmm (CC: ABC)

So at this point, Jesse throws out some behind-the-scenes clips, like Mercedes twerking lessons. Or Aly and Anastasia are having a sexually charged kissing lesson. They were going to kiss each other. Then… instead she kisses that annoying orange from YouTube instead.

Then finally, they bring Zach out to talk to the ladies, and they all basically say they respect and appreciate him and his decisions. Now they do have him address what went wrong with Jess, Kat, and Charity, where Zach sort of says with them he was unsure of his decisions until the last minute AKA “I don’t know, it is what it be.”

Charity Is Our New Bachelorette

But to finish off The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 9, we get three things. First is a set of bloopers that has a moment that actually made me laugh out loud for the first time in this franchise’s blooper history. Then we get a fantasy Suites preview, which I’ll be going over in my Preview/Spoilers article. And finally, a Bachelorette announcement.

Yes, Charity is going to be our next Bachelorette. At first, Jesse hides it as a game for their social media, asking her rapid-fire questions. He asks her, “Bachelor in Paradise or The Bachelorette?” She says to say, “Bachelorette.”

Could you imagine if she said Paradise? Jesse would have had to try again and knock on another person’s door. And I, for one, am not ready for a season with Christina Mandrell. Then Jesse tells Charity that she will be the next Bachelorette.

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