The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10 Spoilers: Ariel Is Going Home

We’re nearing the end now with The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10. This week The Bachelor approaches Fantasy Suites, or as Zach puts it, No Sex Week. But will the temptations, as the preview implies, be too much for him to overcome? Will he pull a Clayton and watch his season fall apart?

Well, let’s take a look at this The Bachelor Season 27 Fantasy Suite preview and see what we can sleuth out. I’ll recommend you first watch the Preview, as you will then be easily able to understand this Preview Breakdown. So at the start of The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10 Preview, we’re getting a look at each of the fantasy suite dates in Thailand for next week.

We have already seen Gabi’s and Katie’s dates from past previews with Ariel’s being new. Not much information to go off here, but remember there are still two more episodes and two more dates to go. So if we see any of these women on the second date not seeing here, that means they’re locked in for the final two.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10 Spoilers

So at the Preview’s start, Zach tells Gabi, “I’m falling in love with you, and I can tell you 10 million times again and again.” Then we see Ariel saying to Zach that she is definitely falling in love with him. This is then followed by another audio clip of Zack saying, “How do I make a decision with my heart being pulled in separate directions”.

OK, pausing here to jump off what I said earlier, as in this section, we potentially see multiple dates for Gabi and for Katie, but not for Ariel. Check out Gabi’s bathing suit in the water at the start, and then later in this different shot with Zach. Different outfits for different dates.

Then there’s Katie in the swamp area wearing a grey outfit, whereas earlier she was wearing black. However, the footage with Ariel is all of her in white, like here in this tuk-tuk and then here in this latest section of the preview where she shares a kiss with Zach. So Ariel may indeed be falling in love with Zach, but this, unfortunately, looks to be her last date with him.

Then further The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10 Preview, Zack says “The real feelings are at stake, and everything can change in a day and a night. This week it’s viewed as sex week.”

Alright, so this preview is going to be working overtime to try and get us to believe that something wildly dramatic is going to happen. Like Zach says, “anything can change in a day, in a night.” One tempting fantasy suite is all it takes to have this season fall apart. But as we go ahead with this preview and the No Sex Week stuff, I’m having a hard time trusting any of it. But let’s see.

Zach Has Sex With Someone

Then in the Preview Zack says, “It’s not conventional, but I decided that there will be no sex of any kind for Fantasy Suite.” To this Jessie, Palmer says, “Are you gonna be able to pull this off? Because you are gonna be tempted.” Then we get an audio clip of one of the girls saying, “Zach is looking delicious tonight”.

So this is the big setup for our finale. Zach, channeling the life force of his batch Bro Sean Lowe, is committed to becoming a born-again bachelor and not having sex in the fantasy suite. However, the preview is already starting to imply that Zach might not keep his vow. And I think they want us to believe that Ariel will be the one he slips up.

Zach with Jesse Palmer (CC: ABC)

OK, now before we get into this confession moment, we do see Zach entering the fantasy suite with each of his final three women. So his no-sex week commitment doesn’t mean he turns down spending the night with them, which makes sense. Even if you’re not getting physical, this is still valuable time together, doesn’t mean there won’t be temptations, though.

They even pepper in these otherworldly sound bites of Zach and women saying stuff like “this moment is so special” to up the idea that Zach will get caught up in everything and maybe do something he didn’t plan to. And then Zach wakes up with a pit in the Stomach. But let’s hear what he has to say. Zack says “I feel like I let myself down. I feel like I let the women down by saying one thing and doing another.”

Alright, so let’s start to unpack this. First off, let’s go back to this statement Zack made at the beginning of this section. Take note of any slices in the audio and where the camera cuts. I feel like there’s a clear cut in the audio when Zach goes from “I let the women down by” and “saying one thing and doing another”. Obviously, the preview wants us to think he feels guilty for telling everyone he wasn’t going to have sex this week, but then he does.

So naturally, after years of being misled by these previews, I don’t trust it one bit. But we’ll go over a number of possibilities as to what could be going on here once we get through the rest of this preview. For now, we’ll take note of this meltdown Gabi seems to be having on this beach date, and remember, even though this date is shown in the preview for Fantasy Suites.

We can’t rule out that this is actually a final two-date that takes place after fantasy suites. We gotta think of a lot of possibilities as we explore what goes down, but let’s continue.

Katie Is Upset With Zach

Then in the Preview, we gear Zach says, “I don’t want you to feel like I regret anything that we did.” Then in another clip, he says “That was a beautiful moment and I felt robbed.” Then he sees Katie getting upset and she says “How am I to keep moving forward? I’m confused. I feel distant from him. I’m not happy.”

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10 Preview

Katie is upset (CC: ABC)

Oh yes, sowing the seeds of doubt in us with Zach’s front-runner. Don’t bet on anything happening to Katie though, as we know she’s getting that final two date. And also, based on these shots from the previews that we’ve talked about before, she’ll be meeting Zack’s family.

But one thing to note here at this moment with Zach saying “I don’t want you to feel like…” followed by it cutting to Ariel and him saying “I don’t regret anything”, more implications that they want us to think he slept with Ariel.

In this clip, Zach is wearing what appears to be the same blue shirt from this date with Gabi. So at this moment, he’s actually talking to Gabi. This is pretty important, as on this date with Zach in the blue shirt, we also see Gabi in this cream color outfit, one that seems to match the outfit she’s wearing when she has this meltdown. But we get a little more context to this in the next section, so let’s keep going.

Zach Says To Gabi That He Was Intimate With Someone

Then we get a clip of Katie saying, “Really just want to go home”. Then the Preview moves to Zach saying, “Coming into this I wanted to do the right thing. I went with my head, not my heart, and that was the worst I could do.”

OK, I’m not gonna lie, him saying, “I went with my head and not my heart” is kinda giving me the vibes that all this drama and people being upset actually might have to do with Zach not wanting to have sex with anyone. That, or he does something like send Aerial home and later wishes he kept her over someone else like Gabi.

Like, is it possible that Zach being so upfront about not wanting to have sex gets the women feeling like, “why don’t you wanna have sex with me?” I mean, I’m just exploring possibilities here.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10 Preview

Zach with Gabi on beach date (CC: ABC)

Like, let’s jump to the preview they showed us at the end of The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 8. So in the clip, it looks like Zach says “I had been intimate this week” to Gabi while on their beach date. After hearing this, Gabi leaves the date and says, “I feel very stupid. I feel disgusting. I feel ugly.”

Now, this is all very edited. We have a sound bite that seems very cut together of Zach saying, “I’ve been intimate”. And no, we don’t actually see him say it. Which is then followed by GabiI covered in a bunch of foliage saying “she feels disgusting and ugly”.

I know it’s all hard to pin down, but is it theoretically possible that the opposite of what’s being implied happens? That it’s simply the woman or Gabi being upset that he doesn’t want to be physical? Honestly, I just really have a tough time buying that Zach would be so cool about all this No Sex Week preview stuff if he actually made a huge mess of things.

Like, remember when Clayton was carted out during his Women Tell All after everything he did? He looked absolutely mortified. Zach, however, is joking and laughing with Jesse Palmer about No Sex Weekend and all this stuff. So it can’t be that bad, right?

And even in this latest section of the preview, we do see Zach consoling and kissing Gabi, and she’s upset on this beach date. But alright, let’s finish off this preview and then go over theories for this ending.

Did Zach Broke Up With The Final Girl?

So a the end of Episode 10 Preview of The Bachelor Season 27, Zack says “I’ve caused pain and I’ve made mistakes, but true love’s worth fighting for. I’m just trying to figure this out.”

The Preview ends with Zack trying to figure this out, in what seems to be the final rose ceremony location as his blue suit here matches the one we’ve seen from the season preview.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10 Spoilers

Zach in the blue suit (CC: ABC)

Now one thing I wanna say while we’re here is that there’s been several clips with Zach at the end of his season looking distraught. Of course, the most obvious explanation is that he just Broke up with his runner-up. But I’m kind of wondering if there’s a possibility that his final two picks just didn’t show up. Do I actually think that’s likely? Well, no.

I still think the most likely outcome is his runner-up arrives, and he’s just broken up with her. But I’m also still trying to think of all the possibilities and maybe with this Gabi moment. Maybe if it’s true that he sleeps with someone during fantasy suites, perhaps Gabi could be his runner up and after everything, she decides to Ghost him. But that seems too dramatic to be true, especially for this season, so I still wouldn’t bet on it.

Who Will Be Going Home In Episode 10?

But OK, though, let’s now go over how The Bachelor Season 27 Week 10 could be ending. First off, Ariel will be going home next week. Apart from the sleuthing we’ve done already, Monday night’s preview gave us this moment, which looks like Ariel in a rose ceremony outfit saying goodbye to Zach. So expect her to go. This leaves the rest of this mess.

So really, there are only two possibilities here. Either Zach slept with someone, or he didn’t. If he didn’t, Gabi being upset could be because of what we discussed earlier or something completely different that we just can’t know right now. And Katie being upset, I think is likely just nerves leading up to the finale and worrying that Zach might love someone else. Especially considering everything they’ve built up with her already about how all the men in her life up to this point have left her.

Now if Zach did sleep with someone and break his promise, I’d wager it’s not Gabi who he theoretically has sex with. And also, remember that his beach date with Gabi could be the one before the fantasy suites, or it could also be their final two dates.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10 Spoilers

Zach with Gabi on the night portion of their date (CC: ABC)

We know, at the very least, Gabi does make it to the night portion of their date and the fantasy suite with no problem. So if this beach date happens before the fantasy suite, whatever goes down ends up not being a big deal. If it happens after, well, we’ll see.

This leaves either Ariel or Katie as the woman he breaks his promise with. If he does do that. I’d say it makes more sense that if he were to sleep with anyone, it’d be Katie. She seems to be his front-runner right now, and if he does sleep with her, then she’s going to be his final pick. That’s the only way that his being so cool about the drama from the previews makes sense to me if what the previews are implying is actually true.

As I see it, him being happy and joking about it while talking about it only makes sense if the person that he sleeps with ends up being the person he’s currently engaged to. And I guess if we’re really going out there, if he did sleep with Gabi, and I don’t think he did, this scene where he wears the blue shirt would have to be him telling Gabi something like “he doesn’t regret it, but it shouldn’t have happened

But really, I honestly don’t trust a lick of this. These previews have tried to throw us off too many times. Plus, Zach’s all about the no drama. And, well, a part of me is hoping to see a wild ride for the end, I don’t know; it just might not be as dramatic as we think. So that’s it for this Episode 10 Preview breakdown for The Bachelor Season 26 and fantasy suites.

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