Is Chilli From Bluey Pregnant? Did She Miscarry The Child?

Curious to know about who Chilli Heeler is? Want to know if Chilli Heeler is preganant? We are talking about the cute animated Red Heeler dog in the popular animated preschool show Bluey, which aired on ABC. Fans are curious to know about Chilli having a baby after the show’s initial poster release where Chilli was featured with a huge baby bump. She has a loving family with two kids and a husband. 

Chilli is a red heeler dog in the show who is the mother of Bluey and Bingo and the wife of Bandit Heeler. Chilli was born on March 31, 1986, and is currently six years old in dog years that is 36 years old. She works at an airport security job and has recently returned to work after taking a small break from her career. She is a beautifully animated character.

Bluey’s Family [Credits – Ludo Studio]

Chilli is a beautiful puppy with a cream color coat that has tints of orange in it. She is a supportive mother to her kids, who enjoys their antics. She is playful and often enjoys spending family time with her daughters and husband. She is the comforting character in the show who wants her children to grow in a supportive environment.

Her character is secondary and is loved by the audience. Chilli is juggling taking care of her pups while handling her work at the airport. Chilli didn’t have a pleasant childhood and remembered playing alone in the scrub a lot. Chilli met Bandit at a party in London, where he had his finger up his nose.

They became a couple soon and went on a backpacking trip to Italy. Bandit proposed to Chilli during their trip to Italy, and she happily accepted. Chilli is nicknamed by her co-workers as Pavlova. Her work at the airport may be that of the sniffer dog if we see it from the human world prespective. She is alo the only one in the family who doesn’t have a name beginning with B. 

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Is Chilli Pregnant In Bluey’s?

The intial poster released by the production company for the series in 2017 before its release in 2018 showed Chilli having a baby bump. The baby bump wasn’t seen later in the released episodes, thus raising the speculations about Chilli being pregnant. The story behind Chilli’s baby bump is quite sad for her fans.

The episode ” The Show” shows the young pups Bluey and Bingo portraying their mother Chilli’s life. In the episode, the audience witnesses Bingo having a blue ballon under her shirt to appear pregnant, just like her mother Chilli was. Everything is going great until Bingo’s ballon pops, and we get to see the heartbreaking reactions of Bandit and Chilli.

Bandit immediately reaches for Chilli’s hand to comfort her after Bingo’s ballon pops. This scene signified Chilli miscarrying her baby, and the audience found this scene relatable. The mothers who’ve previously suffered from a miscarriage said the scene hit home for them. This scene also tells maybe Chilli was pregnant after Bluey and the child didn’t survive.


A Still From Bluey [ Credits- Ludo Studio]

 After the miscarriage, Chilli has Bluey’s sister Bingo. This can also be the reason behind Bandit and Chilli showering lovers on Bluey and Bingo. Another episode in season three, “Bedroom” hinted toward Chilli miscarrying. The episode shows Chilli crying alone in the spare room which has Bluey and Bingo’s old crib stored there. Further in the episode, Chilli explains to her pups how no one else would ever sleep in the cribs again. 

Further in the episode, Chilli explains to her pups how no one else would ever sleep in the cribs again. These are just speculations based on the episodes. Nothing can be confirmed as the show’s creators are silent about all these rumors. Parents all praise the creators of the show for this sweet relatable point in the show.

Is Chilli Ever Going To Be Pregnant Again?

The audience is speculating wether Chilli will ever Get pregnant again. The show’s creators don’t plan to have Chilli pregnant in the family at the moment. They want to continue with the plot line of supportive parents with two loving kids.

But no one knows about the future, so there is a pretty thin chance of Chilli being pregnant in the future, but there is a little possiblity of it happening in the future on public demands.

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