Where is The Breakfast Club Filmed? All The Locations

There are a lot of signature movies belonging to Hollywood of multiple genres. The comedy genre is one of the fan-favorite genres, and the movie named “The Breakfast Club” stands as an important film belonging to that genre.

The Breakfast Club was one of the most enjoyed films in Hollywood. It had a far different concept than any other film of that age. It made the fans enjoy and experience the true feeling of watching a comedic movie.

Infused with an essential proportion of drama, The Breakfast Club turned out to be one of the best comedic drama films of the past era, earning a huge fan base, particularly young adults. The film managed to get a profit yield that was nearly 50 times its budget within the USA alone.

The film was officially considered a hit film which has won a lot of young hearts. The cast list of the film included some new faces and those who seemed familiar to the public through different movies and TV Shows.

The Breakfast Club received recognition throughout the entire country, escalating fastly to become one of the most-loved teen films of all time. The film takes you on an exciting life tour of a friend group and their views on life. A lot of people enjoyed the movie due to the realism it induced.

The main characters of the film were developed beautifully, and their ability to express emotions and views in front of each other was showcased in an accurate manner.

The main characters of the film were given special recognition and were even given a unique name known as the Brat Pack by multiple media after the release of this movie. The film delivered a feel-good experience with a beautifully portrayed storyline of the main characters and their lives. The film was remastered for fans during the year 2015.

Stars of The Breakfast Club (1985)

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Actors named  Emilio Estevez, Paul Gleason, Anthony Michael Hall, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, and Ally Sheedy played the lead in the story. This film was a breakthrough in the careers of these actors.

They were given a lot of recognition for their performance in the film. Some of them even rose to heights and earned a lot of fans over the period. Let us get to know more about what The Breakfast Club has to offer to the audience now.

The Plot of The Breakfast Club

The story of The Breakfast Club revolves around the life of a group of students who attend detention classes. Each of them was caught, causing various troubles, and they all ended up getting detained by the Chief Headmaster of the school.

These students were given assignments to complete till the end of the day. Initially, these students and their way of communication were pretty hostile toward each other. But as the story progresses, each character comes close to one another, growing unique bonds.

A lot of minor events happen throughout the story, supporting the main concept of the plot. Each main character is given appropriate screen time to share his/ her troubles with other fellow students in detention.

They all joined together as strangers. But they left as a group of friends, sharing a strong bond. The way of storytelling and the acting skills of each character make the film a wonderful experience for the viewers. Let us now get to know about the filming locations of the Breakfast Club.

The Breakfast Club Filming Locations

The primary location where the whole story of The Breakfast Club takes place is a school. To be more specific, a single detention room consumed the majority of screen time throughout the entire film.

Now, the school where all these events were supposed to have happened is located in the American State of Illinois. From the very beginning of the film, the school acts as an important place as the story started progresses toward the conclusion.

Breakfast Club Filming locations

Maine North High School from The Breakfast Club (1985)

The school’s name is known as Maine North High School, located in the city of Des Plainnes. The school was officially shut down during the year of 1981, but the film was released during the year of 1985.

The four-year gap between the school’s closing period and the film’s release date must have been the period for the filmmakers to start their work. The creators of the film have done a very good job, delivering one of the best comedic-drama entertainers of all time.

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