Where is On The Buses Filmed? The Locations To Know

On The Buses is a popular comedy movie that was released in 1971. This British movie has managed to attain a status of a cult sitcom over the years. The movie’s lead cast included Reg Varney and Doris Hare. The tv series of the same name inspires it. The movie grabbed the honor of being the highest-grossing film of that year.

The feature movie tracks the story of a bus company that is reeling from a shortage of staff. They are in trouble, and then Inspector Blake thinks about the idea of getting female drivers on board. The suggestion is met with positivity, and the process of hiring female drivers begins soon.

But the plan fails badly, and the team then removes all the female employees. What follows is an amusing comedy followed by amazing performances by all the cast members. The movie was released way back in 1971, but viewers still desire to know more about the movie, especially the filming locations. 

Stage 5 of the studios (Credits-Reelstreets)

On The Buses Filming Locations

The Elstree Studios

Elstree Studios served as the main location for the shooting of the movie. The production team spent much time in the studio shooting important scenes and finishing the production work.

The studio is located on Shenley Road, Borehamwood. The studio has been a favorite of many movie producers due to its expansive size. The studio was established in 1925 and comprised many smaller facilities. 

The Elstree Studios in On The Buses

Elstree Studios on Shenley Road. (Credits-Reelstreets)

The makers of  On The Buses weren’t the first ones to shoot here. The studio’s dealing with movies dates back to 1929 when Alfred Hitchcock’s Blackmail was filmed here. The popular Star Wars (1977) was also filmed here. The studio was then utilized for both tv series and movie production. So the production team of On The Buses made an apt choice by selecting such a prestigious studio. 

The movie featured a huge garage. This garage housed all the old and new buses. It was the main Town & District Garage. Well, this garage was actually Stage 5 of the Elstree Studios. The makers finalized Stage 5 since it was large and could accommodate many buses at the moment. 

The Borehamwood Town

Borehamwood Town was heavily featured in the movie. Borehamwood is a small and quiet town located in England. The place has a total population of 30k, but when the makers arrived here, the population was just a few hundred. The town was selected due to its beautiful locations and the expansive studios. The Elstree Studios are located in Borehamwood Town.  

The lives of most of the characters center around the purpose of striking the right work-life balance. The characters moved in and out of their homes and workplaces on the roads of Borehamwood. The director was keen to show the natural; beauty and surroundings of the town to appeal to the public even more. So the roads of the town were shown heavily in On The Buses. 

The Borehamwood Town in On The Buses

The roads of Borehamwood (Credits-Reelstreets)

The Major Roads Of Borehamwood Town

Borehamwood’s roads which are featured in the movie, include the Malden Road and the  Shenley Road.   Stan Butler lived on Malden Road. The laundrette depicted in the beginning was located in Manor Way. The Fairway Hall, located on Brook Road, was also shown in the movie.

Inspector 'Blakey' Blake On The Buses

The houses in the opening sequence (Credits-Reelstreets)

Whitehouse Avenue was used to show the terminus of the buses. If you visit Shenley Road today, then you will be able to recognize it because of the presence of the All Saints church. These churches add to the beauty of the Road. Inspector ‘Blakey’ Blake would board the bus to his work from Thirsk Road, Borehamwood. Doris would wait at Rossington Avenue for Stan.

This location had been part of another movie titled The Magnificent Six and ½.In the opening scene, we see the Butler family boarding a bus to reach their home. This location is Clarendon Road. It is adjacent to Malden Road. The ending scene of On The Buses features Brook Road. The Road is close to the roundabout of Gateshead Road.

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