The Voice Season 23 Episode 5: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

The Voice season 23 has recently debuted, and audiences are swooning over the new talent. So who all came to audition in the last episode, and who all made it to which team? There were a total of seven contestants who took the stage and auditioned. We will recap everything along with The Voice Season 23 Episode 5 air date and streaming guide.

First up was Family Man Al, who once said of his group back home, “We don’t sell a whole lot of music, but we’ve bought a whole lot of beer,” and that line already won fans over. There was nothing particularly compelling to hold onto for a singing competition; however, fans could hear the party-good-timing voice on this performance and that sense of contagious fun they received from his interviews.

Fans only saw a small portion of his vocal range, and one vocal lane in the song was not selected. Chloe was up next, competing for a spot on “The Voice” and competing in the Olympics. Funny enough, when she appeared on the show, her coach joined her and admitted that he lustfully wanted her to win at least one Olympic gold before singing snatches her focus from competing.

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A Quick Recap

Unexpectedly, her voice seemed a little faint. She has a lovely tone, but this performance lacked pizazz, and her pitch was sometimes erratic. We’ll see if he can get more from her since it was sufficient for Chance to give her a shot.

A still from episode 4. Credits: NBC

Tiana struggled to get a chair to spin last week, with John Legend informing her there was a stylistic clash between what she was saying and how she was performing it. This time, she sounded completely in tune with her singing song, assurance, and connection. She still needs to establish a little more stage presence to own that stage truly.

She continued to sing nervously even when Niall turned; perhaps it was the overwhelming realization that she had made the show this time. She only needs to figure out how to make her great tone stand out.

Next up was Katy. She spent years working in musical theater after appearing as a young Cosette in “Les Misérables” at the Kennedy Center. She has, however, also experienced this “Voice” dream in which she is singing a song she originally heard on the program for as long as she can remember. Although her tone made it clear how young she was, it was also a pure and lovely sound.

She hit the first big note perfectly and performed admirably in a song that demands a lot of you, tonally and psychologically. This was a strong performance for a young actress still figuring out who she is, given the quality of her performance and her obvious youth. She got on Team Blake. Before his senior year, Marcos had a hunch that things would not go well if his family learned he was gay.

Before that, music had played such a significant role in his life that he found it difficult to continue engaging with it. He did mention that over time, with his mother’s persistent efforts to reestablish contact with him, he was able to mend that familial relationship.

There was great enthusiasm, power, variety, and genuineness. With his simple vocal expression, he was able to tell the story. Many people say they will give a song its unique spin, but Kate Consentino meant it. She has her sense of style and line of clothing, and she transformed this into a recognizable and wholly unique singer-songwriter session.

She occasionally missed her pitch and made such interesting selections note after note that fans didn’t find it too bothersome. Her artistic talent and vision are what makes her so captivating to see. She got into Niall’s team.

When is The Voice Season 23 Episode 5 release date?

The Voice Season 23 Episode 5 release date is March 20, 2023. The Voice Season 23 Episode 5 will debut via NBC around 8 pm in the US. Fans from around the globe can stream The Voice season 23 episode 5, with many streaming options listed below:

  • British time: 1 am GMT (March 21)
  • Australian watchers: 12:01 pm AEDT (March 21)
  • Indian watchers: 6.30 am IST (March 21)

The Voice season 23 episode 5: where to watch

At times shown above, Peacock Premium will broadcast The Voice Season 23 Episode 5. After selecting an appropriate streaming service plan, viewers worldwide must first compare the local hours for their area with those given below.

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