The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

This year’s The Bachelor has upped the drama and received great responses from the critics and audience alike. Apart from the twists and turns, we got to see a surprising revelation at the final moment of episode 9. The post will be a recap of the latest episode, along with a review of The Bachelor season 27 episode 10’s air date and scheduling guide.

We saw that Zach travels to Vermont to see Gabi, who informs him that they will be going on a “full maple adventure” that will last a lifetime. Zach didn’t appear to be the biggest fan of maple, as she made him taste some on night one. In their search for “liquid gold,” the pair winds up digging into this poor, innocent tree, but they are entirely unsuccessful.

Zach participates in a blind taste test of Vermont’s best maple syrups organized by Gabi. The hitch is that one of the sauces is fake maple syrup, and if Zach chooses that, Gabi is out of luck. After that, they go meet her family. Gabi casually mentions how amazing it would be to organize their weddings together, while her older sister Chloe has recently become engaged.

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A quick recap

No pressure, Zach, please! Zach tells Evan that he “could envision a future with Gabi, and he will not have a doubt about it” during their talk, which is wonderful until you stop to think about it and realize he hasn’t committed to anything.

Zack from the show. Credits: ABC

During his trip to New York City to visit Ariel’s parents, Zach is getting a taste of the Big Apple along with its numerous iconic foods. Before embarking on a cuisine tour that includes eating pizza, sandwiches at a Jewish deli, and drinks at a cabaret, the couple exchanges a kiss at Washington Square Park.

Zach expresses his “great anxiety” about meeting Ariel’s family, but Ariel reassures him that he need only be concerned about her “loving” brother Bobby, who has previously threatened to “knock up my exes.”  She explains to Zach while they enjoy their drinks that knowing about her family’s immigration journey is a crucial part of understanding who she is.

She adds, “You don’t know me without understanding my family and our experience as immigrants.” Just before they meet, Ariel makes one final effort to console Zach by informing him that they will both be “grilled” by her family tonight. Bobby approaches Zach right away and inquires as to how it’s possible to find love in such a brief period of time.

Zach admits, “I did fall in love.” You can find true love if you let yourselves lean in and are willing to look for it, and I have every reason to be confident in my relationship with Ariel.” But things take a turn for the worse when Bobby questions Zach about how he intends to reconcile their disparate origins.

In response, Zach says that although he doesn’t have a “particular way” in mind, “families will make things work. I’m really concentrating on the bigger picture and acting in a way that feels good. However, Zach, I feel like the most fundamental thing to know about somebody you’re going to marry is their middle name and birthday.”

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10

A still from episode 9. Credits: ABC

He then completely sidesteps a question from Ariel’s father by implying that his ultimate decision regarding his current relationships remains up in the air. Three strikes. Yet, bears, it’s not all terrible news. Ariel confesses to falling in love with Zach after enduring their questioning, suggesting that he may still be in the game after all.

After reconnecting with Charity, who extends an invitation to a tailgate party with all of her friends and family, Zach packs up and moves to Georgia. Zach is welcomed in right away, and Charity’s father can be seen grinning as he notices how delighted his daughter appears to be during the lunch.

Following dinner, Charity and Zach continue their night of salsa dancing before she confesses her feelings for him to him in a back alley outside the pub. Zach admits that Charity “made his heart skip a beat” and that he is “optimistic” for their future together in a confessional.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10 Release Date

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10 Release Date is March 20, 2023. While The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10 will air on ABC at 8 p.m. in the USA, fans abroad can stream it easily. Fans from across other countries will stream The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10 at:

  • For the Australian viewers: Monday, March 21, 12:00 p.m. Australian Eastern Daylight Time
  • For the Indian watchers: March 21, 6:30 a.m. Indian standard time
  • For the British watchers: Monday, March 21, 1:00 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10: How to Watch

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10 will make its television debut on ABC, while viewers in other countries may watch it online on Hulu, Tubi TV, and the ABC app at the times we mentioned above.

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