Love Island Season 9 Episode 58: ‘The Reunion’ Release Date, Recap & Preview

Love Island Season 9 Episode 58 will be a reunion episode, and we will see our favorite Islanders back with some more drama. I’m just interested to see if the couples that left together are still together. Mostly interested to see what’s going on with Casey and Will. Because, yes, they are my favorite Islanders, and I was sad when they left and didn’t get the chance to win.

Either way, a lot happened in the finale. The episode started with the Island learning how to dance. Two professional dancers came in to teach Islanders how to dance. They were learning to dance so they couldn’t embarrass themselves in the final dance.

But they did embarrass themselves while learning how to dance, and it was cute. Let’s talk about what happened in Love Island Season 9 Finale in the recap section of the article.

The voting stats for Love Island Season Finale are in, and it is an absolute shocker for me. Well, maybe you take it as a shock, or maybe it’s not. But also the viewers’ ratings for the Love Island Season 9 Finale are in as well.

Love Island Season 9 Finale Recap

Before diving into Love Island Season 9 Episode 58, let’s quickly recap and review the previous episode. Back at the villa, the boys are writing their speeches, and it’s cute. You know, they’ll be given that nice speech, and the girls will get their speech as well. Then, girls are right in their speeches and help each other. It’s really a nice bonding moment between both groups.

The Girls at Spa (CC: ITV)

So the Islanders write their vows for their other half. Then all the boys come in their tuxedos, and then one by one, the girls also come in. First, Samie comes in, then Tanya, then Sanam, and finally, Lana comes in.

The Islanders then put their Flamingo dance lessons to use. After that, they all jump in the pool with their tuxedos and dresses on. Then they were cuddling, they were kissing, and they were having a nice moment. They all say this is the best experience of their life.

We then head back to real-time with Maya. She sits with all the finalists. All the couples are very happy. We get a recap of the last two months, and it’s amazing what’s happened. So many moments we forget about and people we forget about

But so many people that we forgot about; it was nice to see their faces pop up on the screen and get a little reminder of what the last two months really were. I looked back on my life for the last two months, and I’m like, “God damn, a lot has happened.”

And you just kind of forget it because you’re going day by day, week by week, and all them days and weeks add up. And then you look back, and you’re like, “wow, we’ve hit two months already.”

Then we get to the voting part of the episode, and we get to know where the couples stand according to the viewers. According to the votes, Shaq and Tanya came in fourth place with the lowest votes. Tom and Samie got the third position. Then the final two came down to Kai & Sanam and Ron & Lana. Then Maya announced that Kai and Sanam were the winners of Love Island Season 9.

Love Island Season 9

Tom and Samie came Third (CC: ITV)

Love Island Finale Voting And Ratings

So the voting stats are in, and they might shock you or they might not shock you. But we’re gonna go into it from order, from fourth to First. Shaq and Tanya the voting results for them: they only received two percent… two percent of the Public’s voting for them to actually win the show. That is wild, and no couple has ever received that low of a vote. It just shows that they were not popular at all.

Tom and Samie received 24 percent, Ron and Lana received 30 percent, and Kai and Southern received 44 of the vote. So 44 percent for Kai and Sanam which means a 14 difference between them and Ron and Lana. So you know it wasn’t even that close. It’s close but not even that close.

But Shaq and Tanya are only getting two percent, for me, is wild. It just goes to show you that they never were wanted in that finale and that it should have really been Will and Jessie at this point.

Because clearly, nobody in the Public wanted to vote for them. And had it been a public vote prior to getting into the finale, I don’t think Shaq and Tanya would have made it at all. They would definitely not have made that.

And it is definitely a shock to some people and not really a shock to other people. And, of course, everybody was online when I was laughing. And some people believe that you know Will and Jessie preferred to have been there. But two percent, guys, only two percent… only two percent… is Wild.

Love Island Season 9 Finale Viewership Ratings

The viewership ratings are in as well for how many people tuned in for the Love Island Season 9 Finale, and they’re not as great as you would have expected. It was only, unfortunately, 1.1 million, which is extremely low for a finale.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 58

Islanders Toasts to the Finale (CC: ITV)

Love Island Season 9 vowed out with just 1.1 million viewers, which is as low as Season 2, which was seven years ago. The Love Island finale was beaten by The Last of Us on Sky Atlantic at 9 pm with 1.2 million despite the fact that the Last of Us show was also available for streaming online beforehand anyways.

So that is wild that Love island has lost to a show that was already available online. And it just so goes to show you that this show could be on its way out. It just hit a million just for the finale. The finale of Love Island Season 9, the Summer Season, was watched by over 3 million people.

So it could just be a winter situation, and perhaps the summer will recover. That is one avenue. The other Avenue is that it’s just too much damage has taken place because the ratings are wild. Viewership has gone down from three million to one million. Two million fewer people are watching this.

Let me know your thoughts when it comes to you know the voting stats that have been released and the rating stats. Also, tell me if you agree or disagree with them. A lot more happened in Love Island Season 9 Finale, but let’s discuss when Episode 58 of Love Island Season 9 will release and what will happen.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 58 Release Date & Preview

Love Island Season 9 Episode 58 will release on 20 March 2023 on ITV2. At the end of the finale episode, Maya lets us know that there will be a reunion episode next week. Episode 58 will be a Love Island Reunion Episode for Season 9, and every Islander will return for it.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 58

Love Island Season 9 Finale (CC: ITV)

It would be fascinating to watch how the Islanders interact with one another after seeing all the events from the outside and hearing what Islanders have been saying behind each other’s backs. Maya will serve as the episode’s host and play the role of some sort of justice. The Islanders will see everything Maya has prepared to cause drama.

So I’m gonna do one more recap article on Love Island Season 9 Reunion. Also, guys, you can now apply for Love Island Season 10, the Summer Season. So if you Google the Love Island application or go on ITV’s website, you will be able to apply for the summer series. And that was winter love island people.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 58 Release Time & Where To Watch

Episode 58 of Love Island Season 9 will air at 9 pm GMT in the UK. Episode 58 release timings for the rest of the world are as follows:

  • 4:00 pm Eastern Time (New York, USA) on Monday, 20 March 2023
  • 9:00 pm Greenwich Mean Time (London, UK) on Monday, 20 March 2023
  • 2:30 am Indian Standard Time (Mumbai, India) on Tuesday, 21 March 2023
  • 6:00 am Japan Standard Time (Tokyo, Japan) on Tuesday, 21 March 2023
  • 6:00 am Korean Standard Time (Seoul, Korea) on Tuesday, 21 March 2023
  • 8:00 am Australian Standard Time (Sydney, Australia) on Tuesday, 21 March 2023

You can watch Episode 58 on ITVX in the UK and on Hulu in the US.

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