Here Love Lies Ending Explained: Why Did Michael Only Target Nigerian Women?

Heard the name of the recently released film Here Love Lies? Have you watched the film? Is it worth the time? The film is produced and directed by Tope Oshin and released on Netflix on March 3, 2023. The film is exclusively only available for viewers to stream on Netflix. The amazing cinematography is done by Daniel Ademinokan.

The film is a pathetic attempt by the producer to raise awareness among women regarding the truth behind online dating and how one should be aware of all the dangers which can arise from meeting a stranger. The film also doesn’t have great actors as once you start watching the film, you’ll get what I’m saying.

The actors weren’t able to make an impact on the viewers, and it looked like they were trying a little too hard to portray their roles. The film is filmed in part of Nigeria and America.

A Poster Of Here Love Lies [ Sunbow Productions] 

The film’s lead cast includes Tope Oshin as Amanda, the protagonist, and the priest daughter turned single mother of Nora, Tim Shelburne as Miachel, the antagonist and the psychopath, Omowunmi Dada as Kemi, Amanda’s best friend and Barbara Walsh as Liz and undercover police officer.

The supporting cast includes Sam Dede as the Father of Amanda and priest,  Stephanie Zibili as Muna, Amanda’s sister, who she abandons, and Tina Mba as Mary, Amanda’s mother. The film also marked the return of Tope on the big screens after the release of her previous film Relentless, twelve years back.

Here Love Lies – Ending Explained

The film begins with a young Amanda being scared as her pregnancy gets revealed. Her father being a priest, is angered by this revelation and disowns her after suffering from a heart attack. Her mother and sister also disown her, after which Amanda moved to the United States to start a new life. It is also revealed later in the film that Amanda was sexually assaulted by her elder sister’s boyfriend, which led her to pregnancy.

Once Amanda moves to the United States, she starts working as a blog writer who writes about travel blogs. The character of Amanda has a development throughout the film. The film leaps for fourteen years, and Amanda is eating in a restaurant with her boyfriend. He gives her a gift and informs her it’s a surprise gift for her. Amanda gets excited and excuses herself to the bathroom, where she contacts her best fried Kemi, and excitedly reveals the possibility of him proposing to her.

Amanda is also distressed as she hasn’t told the truth about her being a single mother to her boyfriend. Once she returns and reveals this information to her boyfriend, his wife arrives. Then one of the most cringe scenes takes place when the wife angrily confronts Amanda while berating her relentlessly instead of being angry at her cheating husband.

The gift is revealed to be a lingerie set instead of an engagement ring, which leaves Amanda embarrassed. Amanda leaves the restaurant in tears and reaches home. Once at home, she reveals to Kemi everything that got down in the restaurant. She also snatched the phone from her daughter Nora’s hands and scolded her for no reason.

Her relationship is strained with her daughter because she decided to send Amanda to boarding school so she can live freely. As the film moves forwards, Amanda is chatting with a fan of her blog Miachel. She grows close to him and decides to surprise him in New York where he resides.

They begin going out together, and initially, the red flags were visible to Amanda. But as Amanda grows desperate for partnership and romance, she ignores these red flags and continues with her dates. She gets invited by Michael to stay in his house in the mountains. She does go there and has a great first day. She meets  Edna an old woman there who warns her to leave.

Here Love Lies

A Still From Here Love Lies [ Credits- Sunbow Productions] 

Amanda doesn’t pay heed to Edna’s warnings and continues to live with Miachel. The next day Amanda wakes up feeling groggy and asks Michael to drop her at the airport as she had a returning flight that day. Michael refuses and locks Amanda in the room without her passport and mobile phone. He also force-feeds her soup with sleeping pills crushed in them.

Amanda wakes up and tries to escape with Edna’s help but they are caught by Miachel and a fight for survival ensues. Liz arrives at the time of the scuffle and tries to help Amanda but is shot in her shoulder by Miachel. Michael also ends up shooting Edna when she protests against him. While trying to escape Amanda tumbled into a room filled with luggage and dismantled the head of twelve Nigerian women.

She quickly grabs her passport and cell and runs towards the forest. Michael runs after her, but she injects him with anesthesia, which makes him faint. She quickly calls the cop and informs them about her location. Amanda is rescued, and Miachel gets arrested. The film ends with Amanda safely returning to Kemi and Nora, who were waiting for her. Amanda reunites with her family and is shown walking into her father’s house with Nora in tow, who gets showered with her grandparent love.

Why Did Miachel Only Targets Nigerian Women?

Michael turns out to be a serial killer and a psychopath in the second half of the film who, achieved pleasure in torturing and killing Nigerian women. The past of Miachel gets revealed. He loses his parents at a young age and was forced to bounce from house to house in the foster care system, where he meets Natasha. Natasha is his girlfriend, but they refer to each other as cousins.

Here Love Lies

Kemi Is Worried About Amanda [ Credits- Sunbow Productions] 

She is also unaware of Michael’s dark side. The reason behind only targeting Nigerian women isn’t revealed till the end. Michael also pretends to be a wealthy owner of a touring company and plants people to make his victims believe in his lies. Michael doesn’t own anything even the house he took Amanda to belonged to his first victim. Michael starts enjoying the process of luring women into captivity and then killing them.

The only thing that held the movie together was Ohsin’s acting and dialog delivery. Michael didn’t appear as a psycho killer as he wasn’t able to give any chills to the viewer. He was almost laughable if we consider past serial killers in many films. 

Will There Be A Sequel Of The Film?

The film mostly received a mixed reaction from the audience. The film isn’t getting the views that were expected by the producer. There are no talks about a sequel being made for the film, and the film doesn’t even deserve to have a sequel. The cast and acting aren’t worth watching again, the plot being ordinary with no uniqueness.

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