Gulmohar Ending Explained: Does Arun Return To His Family?

Watched Gulmohar recently released film? Is it worth a watch? What to expect from the film? What exactly happened at the end of the film? The recently released family film has become the talk of the town really quickly. Gulmohar is the name of the flower which blooms in hot and humid weather and is still beautiful.

The flower signifies how strongly and beautifully the flower continues to bloom even in non-pleasant weather as shown in the film through a family which continues to try and stay together. The film was written by Rahul V Chitella and is released by Disney+ Hotstar.

The film released on the OTT platform on 3 March. The film has a run time of 132 and was produced by Vishesh Bhutani, Rahul Chittella, and Shujaat Saudagar. The film was directed by Rahul V Chitella and the outstanding cinematography was done by Tanupriya Sharma.

The film has an outstanding cast who have given a power-packed performance by successfully making their characters come to life. The lead cast includes the graceful and elegant Sharmila Tagore as Kusum Batra, the matriarch of the Batra family, the passionate and brilliant Manoj Bajpayee as Arun Batra, the adult adopted son of Kusum, the beautiful and talented Simran as Indu, wife of Arun and mother of Aditya.

The realistic and emotive Suraj Sharma as Aditya, the oldest son of Arun and Indra, the renowned actor Amol Palekar as Sudhakar Batra, the main antagonist of the film, the talented Utsavi Jha as Amu Batra, daughter of Arun and Indra who’s struggling with the truth of her sexuality and is a songwriter by profession.

A Still Of Arun and Indra- [ Credits- Disney+Hotstar] 

The beautiful Santhy Balachandran as Reeshma Saeed, the house help who’s loved by everyone except Sudhakar, and the realistic actor Jatin Goswami as  Jeetendra, the lead security guard.

The supporting cast includes Kaveri Seth as Divya Batra, Danish Sood as Ankur, Anurag Arora as Kamal Batra, Devika Shahani as Neena Batra, Chandan Roy as Param, and Meeta Narian as Supriya and Sanjana Gandhiv as Young Supriya and Hiba Qamar as Young Kusum.

The film has a beautiful storyline and a heartwarming ending to it. The actors have given a power-packed performance, and the film is worth a watch. The film has given the viewers a peek into the difference between the reality and pretense of the family. The film has a beautifully written script, the reason behind it garnering audience love.

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Gulmohar- Ending Explained

The plot follows a family and their struggles to come to terms with their past and try to make a future for themselves while trying to stay together. The film stars the Batra family, with the matriarch of the family Kusum heading her family residing in the Gulmohar mansion.

Their family has lived in the same house for generations, but they have to leave the house behind now that it was being sold to builders for them to demolish the Gulmohar mansion and build high-rise buildings. The story follows the internal struggles of the relationship between the family members.

The whole Batra family meets together for the last time to party, and everything is going fine till people start to take digs at each other and compare the children which revealed the cracks in the relationship. Kusum is an open-minded individual who married Arun’s father, thus becoming the enemy of her conservative brother-in-law, who didn’t believe in women having the right to make decisions for themselves.

He also holds a grudge against Kusum for moving out with Arun’s father from their home in Jamshedpur, after which he had to give up on his dreams of pursuing UPSC to become an IAS officer to take care of his family. Kusum wasn’t able to conceive naturally and had to go through several miscarriages before Arun came into her life. Arun came into Kusum’s life the day she was in the hospital waiting after suffering yet another miscarriage.

She adopted Arun and loved him since the day she set her eyes on him. Arun grows up to be a strong-headed individual with kids of his own with his equally supportive and loving wife. Their marriage is healthy and full of love, as they don’t ever let each other down. There is a crack in the relationship between Arun and his son Adi as he wants his son to settle down and have a job, while Adi wants to stand up on his own feet by building an app without his father’s help.

Adi wants his father to feel proud to be his dad. He has immense support from his wife Divya Batra, but over time his not getting an investor for his app and having to live on Divya’s earnings starts taking a toll on him mentally. He starts to be misogynistic toward Divya and fights with her even over the smallest things.


Gulmohar- Poster [ Credits- IMBD]

In the parallel time, Amrita daughter of Arun is shown struggling with coming to terms with her sexuality. She had a boyfriend Ankur, who she initially loved, but her feelings faded for him after meeting Deepika, and she soon realizes she loves her and wasn’t really in love with Ankur.

Arun comes to know about the will of his father, where he states him not getting any part of their mansion as he is adopted, and that information breaks him as Kusum had also signed the will. The film continues and shows the house helping Reeshma to struggle to gain acceptance by Sudhakar as he makes her life difficult for belonging to a different religion.

Jeetu, the security guard, has feelings for Reeshma but is hesitant to express his feelings for her as she is educated and he is not. He also feels insecure about Reeshma’s childhood friend Irfan as he is also educated and earns more than him. Over time Arun begins to get angry and confronts her mother before leaving angrily. He doesn’t understand when Kusum tells her she didn’t know what she was signing on.

As the family struggles to stay together as they had previously decided to celebrate Holi together for the last time in the Gulmohar mansion. It is also revealed that Arun knows his biological father and goes to see him daily from afar. So, what exactly happens by the time film ends? Is the family able to stay together or fall apart?

Does Arun Go Back To His Biological Dad Or Does He Returns To Kusum?

As the story progresses, we see Arun visiting a small shop by the roadside daily to eat Kachori. It is later revealed the stall is owned by his biological father. He never goes inside the shop as he isn’t brave enough to come to terms with his reality. The day he angrily drives away from the mansion and doesn’t return till late at night while his wife waits at their house for him to return.

Once Arun cools down, he returns home, where Indra comforts him lovingly. He reveals to her about knowing who his biological dad is. Indra convinces him to listen to his heart and meet his dad. Arun crosses the road for the first time and meets his dad without revealing the knowledge of him being his biological child.

The stall owner tells Arun he used to have a son he left in the hospital’s parking for his betterment. In the end, Arun returns to his mother Kusum, who has loved him unconditionally for decades. He reconciles with Kusum and bawls like a baby in her arms.

Does Amu Reveals The Truth Behind Her Sexuality To Ankur ?

Amu goes to a storytelling event with her grandmother where she is confronted by Deepika about their love and whether she is going to reveal her being in love with Deepika to Ankur.

This confrontation is witnessed by Kusum, who takes Amu inside and tells her how she fell in love with a girl named Supriya in past, who she let go of in the fear of what society will think. She encourages Amu to listen to her heart and not let the girl of her dreams go. Amu, encouraged by her grandmothers’ words, reveals to Ankur the truth before their performance.

Even though Ankur is heartbroken, he accepts Amu’s decision and gracefully moves on. Amu and Deepika meet after their performance, thus marking new beginnings for them.

Does Adi Get Employed?

Adi goes for an interview at the company his cousin works for. While giving the interview he is given the choice between either working for the company or his start-up. Adi chooses the latter.

At the same time, Divya enters and tells him to follow his dreams. She tells him they will make sacrifices together as a couple for his dreams. The couple returns happily and decides to no longer live separately. Adi reconciles with his dad and asks him to invest in his app, to which Arun agrees. 


The End Scene In Gulmohar [ Credits- Disney+ Hotstar]

What Happens To Sudhakar?

Sudhakar after creating all the chaos is confronted by his son, who resents him for always seeing himself as the victim and not understanding the feelings of other family members. The morning before Holi he goes to Kusum’s house to retract the will and consult a lawyer.

There Kusum reveals to him the reason behind her leaving Jamshedpur. Sudhakar soon realizes he wasn’t the victim he thought he was. As Kusum hands the will over to Sudhakar the glass of water kept on the table gets knocked over by his hand and falls over the will, thus ending his charades.

Sharmila Tagore gives a powerful dialogue at the same time “It was meant to be” meaning whatever happened with Sudhakar was his fault. Sudhakar sadly watches as his dreams also got washed away with the will.

What Happens With Jeetu and Reeshma?

Reeshma leaves Jeetu a letter explaining her feelings for him. Irfan delivers the letter to Jeetu and tells him not to let his insecurity overpower his love for Reeshma. Jeetu realizing his mistake, goes to Reeshma and apologizes for her behavior. He also confesses his feelings to Reeshma, marking the beginning of their relationship.

Does The Batra Family Reconcile To Celebrate Their Holi Together?

The Batra family forgives each other for their past mistakes and comes together to celebrate Holi as a family for the last time in the Gulmohar mansion. The end scene leaves the viewers in tears as the family celebrates Holi together lovingly.

Kusum also winks at Amu during the end credits when the information about Supriya, now residing in Puducherry is revealed. At the beginning of the film, Kusum revealed to her family about buying a house in Puducherry to live now. The film ends with beautiful music and a message for the viewers.

Will There Be A Sequel To Gulmohar?

Even though the film was loved by the viewers there will be no sequel for the film as the film ended on a positive note. There are no talks about a sequel for the film.

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