The Special Ending Explained: The Grim Meaning Behind The Movie

A poor ending can derail a great movie, while a strong one can raise and save a mediocre one. The Special is a watchable movie with a good ending. Since watching it, I’ve had numerous thoughts about how it ended. It’s one that I’ll remember long after my memory of the film’s finer nuances has diminished and faded, similar to what happened to Anton Bartok.

Those who like horror movies, goopy, gory, and gross should look no further than The Special. Wash your hand’s folks, and it’s about to get sleazy. The Special is on demand and digital download from Red Hound Films. It’s directed by B Harrison Smith, and it’s written by James Newman and Mark Steinsland.

When Mike, played by Dave Sheridan, finds his best buddy Jerry (Davy Raphaely) down in the dumps after finding out his wife might be cheating on him, they go out drinking, of course. After a few too many beers, Mike takes Jerry to an exclusive brothel to experience The Special. It turns out The Special is not a prostitute but a box that you slide your penis into.

The Special Movie Plot

Jerry is a fellow that’s a bit down in the dumps. He is suspecting his wife of cheating on him, and he is at the bar being consoled by his best friend, Mike. And Mike’s a real champ out there. He’s trying to pick his buddy up, and he knows just the best way to do it. He takes him to a brothel.

Mike assures them that everything’s OK and everything’s above board. And they go to the brothel and get to meet the Madam and the girls. And Mike keeps telling him, “no, Sir, no, you do not want any of this. You want The Special.”

Mike And Jerry (CC: Red Hound Films)

So The Special is what they agreed upon, and Jerry is taken upstairs into an empty room where the door is closed, and he finds himself alone with a box with a hole in it. As it turns out, this box is something well Special, and cherry becomes a bit addicted to it. The rest of the movie is about him spiraling out of control both psychologically and physically.

Alright, so getting to the meat of this, once Jerry does The Special, he has the best sexual experience of his life. Soon it’s all Jerry can think about. But Mike will take Jerry back to the special’s secret home, stating that once is enough for any man. And with Jerry being blindfolded and drunk that first night, he doesn’t know how to track it down.

But through some sleuthing, Jerry is able to locate the brothel and steals The Special for himself, thus beginning a slow descent into addiction, murder, and madness for Jerry, who has fallen deeply in love with whatever it is in this box called The Special.

The Special Ending Explained

Reminiscent of such sleazy gore fests of the 80s like Slime City Massacre, and some of the best Frank Hennon’s body horror films like Basket Case and Brain Damage, The Special is a depraved and twisted film. It’s the type of film that you feel like you need a long hot shower after watching but can’t look away because the story is so compelling.

There are all kinds of gooey and gory effects that will make you squirm in your seat, especially in the final moments of the film. But even from the beginning, as Jerry is dumb and curious enough to slide his member into a hole in a box, there is a dirty smuttiness about this film that really got under my skin, and I think it will be yours too.

The Special Ending Explained

Jerry affected by The Special (CC: Red Hound Films)

The Special, even as thematic capped as it, delves into sexual addiction and how that affects a marriage. The Special itself, and the way it becomes Jerry’s dirty little secret that is damaging his marriage, can be seen as a strong metaphor for online porn addiction, prostitution, gambling, alcoholism, and drug addiction.

The Special’s warning, which gets stronger as Jerry’s narrative goes along, is about how all-consuming addiction can be. It’s evident in his look, in his skin, in how little else he can think about, and then in his acts, which get more and more desperate. Even though there was a serious glimpse of mistrust that started it all at the beginning, Jerry’s behavior toward his wife, Lisa, starts to become hostile and harsh.

It’s interesting to note that he treats women strangely in general, not just his wife, as if that were the only thing he truly cares about. For him, ladies in The Special are either there for Jerry’s enjoyment, or they are just a problem. And it appears that his addiction is making his misogyny worse. Addiction can alter a person, regardless of their sin.

The Special’s last act turns into a lengthy gross-out as Jerry’s life is entirely destroyed by the box. That’s hardly a spoiler because the movie makes it quite obvious that while the box offers satisfied endings, they are not the sort that lasts forever.

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