That’s My Jam Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap & Streaming Guide

That’s My Jam Season 2 Episode 2 will release soon. The second season premiered on 7 March 2023. After the first season concluded in January 2022, the fans were waiting eagerly for the next season. The fans did not have to wait for long to enjoy the next season. Just after the conclusion of the first season, it was soon announced that the show would be renewed for the next season. 

That’s My Jam is a music game show that airs officially on NBC. The show is released in America, and Jimmy Fallon is the host of the show. The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon, serves as the inspiration for this show. 

The plot of the show that’s my jam is unlike any other musical show. It has a very different plot, which is why fans love watching it. Initially, there will be two teams who will compete with each other in different domains ranging from music, dance, musical performance, and trivia-based games. The host of the show is Jimmy Fallon.

The people who feature in the show are mostly celebrities from various domains. Various games are played in the show, some of which include slay it, Perfect Mash Up, air guitar, Launch the Mic, Don’t drop the beat, Wheel of impossible karaoke, etc. The show runs on NBC  but is available to stream on other streaming platforms as well. 

In this article, we will tell you everything about That’s My Jam Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date, Spoilers And Stream Guide. Read through the article to learn more about your favorite music show. 

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That’s My Jam Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

That’s My Jam Season 2 Episode 1, released on 8 March 2023. In the episode, we saw Jason Derulo and Nicole Scherzinger compete with Kelsea Ballerini and Julia Michaels. They played Don’t Fear the Speaker, which was a new game added to the trivia-game list. It was fun to watch the celebrities compete among themselves to win. 


That’s My Jam Season 2 Episode 2 Plot

That’s My Jam Season 2 Episode 2 will release in less than 24 hours from now. The upcoming episode is going to be as entertaining as the previous episode because we’ll see Billy Porter, Darren Chris, Patti LaBelle, and Sarah Hyland in the episode featuring as competitors for the episode.

It will be quite fun to watch the two teams compete against each other and perform music, play games, dance, and give musical performances so that they can impress the audience and defeat their counterparts.

There is also going to be an interesting addition to the game segment. The game’s name is More Than A Feeling. We do not exactly know what the participants of the game have to do in this. To know what the game is all about and who wins the competition, do not forget to tune in to NBC on 14 March at 10:00 PM.

Still from That’s My Jam Season 2 Episode 1 (Credit -NBC)

That’s My Jam Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date

That’s My Jam Season 2 Episode 2 will release on 14 March 2023. The episode is titled “Billy Porter & Patti LaBelle vs. Darren Criss & Sarah Hyland.” These are the names of the celebrities that will feature in the second episode and compete among themselves. Team 1 would comprise Billy Porter & Patti LaBelle, and Team 2 would be Darren Criss & Sarah Hyland. 

Still from That's My Jam (Credit -NBC)

Still from That’s My Jam (Credit -NBC)

That’s My Jam Season 2 Epi ode 2 will air on NBC at 10:00 PM EST. The episode will be available to watch worldwide once it releases in the USA. Here is the time at which you can watch the series in different corners of the world, based on their time zones. 

  • US Release Time: 10:00 PM EST on Tuesday
  • India Release Time: 7:30 AM IST on Wednesday
  • Philippines Release Time: 10:00 AM PHT on Wednesday
  • Australia Release Time: 1:00 PM AEST on Wednesday
  • Korea Release Time: 11:00 AM KST on Wednesday
  • Japan Release Time: 11:00 AM JST on Wednesday
  • UK Release Time: 2:00 AM GMT on Wednesday

That’s My Jam Season 2 Episode 2 Stream Guide

That’s My Jam Season 2 is available to watch on NBC in the USA. The show was released officially in the USA, and anyone who has access to  BC can watch this show for free there. You can also watch the show on  DIRECTV, fuboTV, and Peacock Premium. For these streaming services, you need to pay a subscription fee that varies from country to country.

It might also be possible that this platform may not be available in your country. In such a scenario, you can take the help of a reliable VPN to stream the show.

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