Benim Adim Farah Episode 3: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

Benim Adim Farah is all set to release its third episode. The Turkish series, with its premiere on March 1, 2023, has gained immense popularity. The viewers are glued to their screens whenever a new series episode is launched. The suspense and the thrilling factor, along with the incredible acting of the cast members, have made the series one of the most viewed Turkish series of the month.

The viewers are finding it difficult to wait for a whole week for a new episode as they are eager to know how the story will unfold further. Therefore, before the release of the latest episode, here, we will provide you with a detailed recap of the previous episode, episode 2 of Benim Adim Farah, so that you can catch up on the story if you have missed watching the episode. You will also be provided with the release date and the streaming guide for the upcoming episode.

Benim Adim Farah Episode 2 Recap

Benim Adim Farah episode 2 picks up from the last scene of episode 1, where Tahir runs into Farah while helping Tahir’s boss to get into the helicopter. Asking Emir to fly away with his father to a hospital, Tahir and one of his men walk towards Farah. Scared, Farah runs away from there into the hospital. Farah gets worried when she does not find Kerim at his spot on reaching the hospital’s reception. Meanwhile, Tahir gets to know that Farah saved his boss’s life, which comes as a shock to him.

While Farah is looking for Kerim all around the hospital, suddenly, Tahir arrives in front of her and drags her into an empty room. There, Tahir asks about Farah’s identity and the reason behind her help. Farah reveals to him that she was previously a doctor. Tahir asks her about what she said to the police, to which Farah responds that she said nothing to them and was about to leave the country.

A Still from Benim Adim Farah Episode 2 (Credits: Fox TV)

Hearing Farah’s escape plan, Tahir orders her not to leave and tag along with him. She refuses at first, but suddenly, on hearing Kerim’s voice, she agrees to Tahir for the sake of her child.

Farah lies to Kerim that it is a game when Kerim asks about Tahir’s presence and the reason behind going with him. She makes him understand that Tahir will take them to his house, where he has prepared a game for them. She represents Tahir in a good light in front of Kerim and asks him to be brave and not to be scared of Tahir.

At the police station, Mehmet informs Prosecutor Selim that there was a witness at the crime scene where Alps was killed, and he thinks that she is in danger. He asks the Prosecutor to allow Tahir to be detained. But the prosecutor does not give any answer. Later, Mehmet asks his subordinate to investigate the woman (Farah) who was seen with Tahir leaving the crime scene.

At night, while Tahir drives Farah and Kerim to his place, Tahir reveals to Farah that the man she saved is the father of the person (Erim) who committed the murder – Ali Galip Akinci. He further tells her that Ali Galip will decide what to do with the mother and son when he comes to his senses. Farah requests Tahir to let them go, but Tahir denies it.

On reaching Tahir’s place, Tahir confiscates Farah’s phone. Tahir brings them to their room and informs them that there are cameras in the house. Therefore, Farah should not try to run away. Then, Farah cleans the whole room again to make it germ-free for Kerim to be comfortable.

Benim Adim Farah: Emir and his mother

A Still from Benim Adim Farah Episode 2 (Credits: Fox TV)

At the hospital, while waiting for his father to gain his senses, Erim feels disturbed as he continuously gets reminded of the murder scene. At that moment, the doctor arrives there and informs him that his father is out of danger thanks to the person who provided first aid to his father and transferred him there. At the same time, Bekir, Emir’s cousin, and his sister arrive at the hospital to see Ali Galip.

At Tahir’s house, Tahir asks Farah whether he can help her with something, to which Farah asks him not to treat them like guests. She further blames him for the situation and tells him that he should have died instead of Alps. When she brings up Tahir’s mother out of rage, it infuriates Tahir. But he controls his anger and asks her to go to her room.

The next day, Gonul is seen worrying about Farah and Kerim’s whereabouts and whether they could leave the city. She calls the bus station, where she gets to know that Farah and Kerim got down the bus halfway at Tekirdag, which freaks her out. At the police station, Mehmet’s boss scolds Mehmet for approaching the prosecutor without his permission. He asks Mehmet not to bother Tahir as there is no evidence. But Mehmet does not comply with him.

Benim Adim Farah: Kerim and Tahir

A Still from Benim Adim Farah Episode 2 (Credits: Fox TV)

At Tahir’s house, when Tahir visits Farah’s room to check whether they have woken up or not, Kerim wakes up and has a sweet conversation with Tahir about his dreams and also mentions Gonul.

Later, Tahir makes breakfast for Farah and Kerim, when Kerim arrives there. While they have a conversation about having dreams, Kerim asks Tahir whether he is scared of bad dreams, which is why he cannot sleep. Hearing this, Tahir feels moved but does not show. Kerim further asks Tahir why he is making his mother work so much and asks about Tahir’s mother’s whereabouts. Tahir reveals that his mother is dead.

Kerim asks for the reward of the game as he is not scared of Tahir anymore. Tahir asks him to ask for it from his mother when Kerim understands that there are no rewards. Meanwhile, Tahir’s food gets burnt when he snaps at Kerim and asks him to leave. Kerim gets sad. When he is about to leave, Tahir realizes that he scared Kerim and asks him to stop and starts a conversation about football. Soon, they engage in a fun conversation. This shows the growing bond between the two.

On the other side, Mehmet and his father reach Tekirdag hospital, where Farah got her stitches. Mehmet’s father asks about Farah’s whereabouts. Both of them get to know that Farah saved the mafia boss, which surprises them. They check the security camera footage when they get to know that she left with Tahir. Mehmet sets out to look for Farah with his father.

Benim Adim Farah: Mehmet, his father and Tahir

A Still from Benim Adim Farah Episode 2 (Credits: Fox TV)

At Tahir’s place, Farah wakes up to find Kerim missing. Meanwhile, Tahir and Kerim are seen playing football in another room. At that moment, Mehmet knocks at the door, which freaks out Tahir.

Tahir ties up Farah and opens the door for Mehmet. Mehmet interrogates Tahir about Farah, but Tahir does not own up to anything. But Mehmet forces into the house and searches for Farah, but all in vain. After Mehmet leaves, when Tahir unties Farah, she throws something on his face and blinds him. She takes the chance to find Kerim and leave the residence. As Farah and Kerim step out of the main gate, she is stopped by Haider and Adil.

Later, Tahir arrives at Ali Galip’s house with Farah and Kerim. Ali Galip talks to Farah about the whole murder situation. But whenever, he asks questions to Farah, and Kerim, Tahir interrupts him and answers on their behalf. When Ali Galip finds out that Farah did not inform anything to the police, he tells her that he will bear all the costs of Kerim’s treatment, as she has helped them, and asks them to return to their own lives.

After Farah leaves with Kerim, Ali Galip asks Tahir to find out about the person who shot him. He also tells Tahir that Kerim’s treatment will be looked after but Farah has to die. This shocks Tahir. He asks Tahir to find a killer to kill Farah and to stay away from the case. But Tahir insists on killing Farah himself.

Benim Adim Farah: Farah and Tahir

A Still from Benim Adim Farah Episode 2 (Credits: Fox TV)

When Farah and Kerim reach home, Gonul arrives there and informs them that Mehmet has arrived at their place. Farah does not give out any information even after being aware of the Mafia boss and his people.

The next day, Farah, Tahir, and Kerim arrive at a hospital where Kerim’s check-up is scheduled. When the doctor tells Farah that someone’s mother is ready to give her bonemarrow to Kerim, she immediately refuses the treatment. Later, Tahir asks Farah to go with him, and leave Kerim to someone reliable.

In the meantime, Alps’ cremation ceremony takes place. Erim watches it from afar. Later, after everyone leaves, Erim sits at Alps’ tomb and apologizes to him. At that moment Gonul arrives there and consoles Erim, thinking him to be Alps’ friend.

Benim Adim Farah: Erim and Gonul

A Still from Benim Adim Farah Episode 2 (Credits: Fox TV)

After handing over Kerim to a caretaker, Tahir takes Farah to one of Tahir’s houses which are not listed under his own name. On their arrival, Tahir asks Farah to clean the house and in return, she will get paid. While cleaning one of the windows, she slips and is about to fall from the building, when Tahir arrives there and saves her.

After completing the work, Tahir and Farah leave the house. While taking her back home, Tahir gets a call from Yasmin, who informs him that she is attempting suicide. Tahir asks Farah for help. They reach Yasmin’s place and take her to the hospital.

At the hospital, after Yasmin gains consciousness, she asks Farah whether Tahir is dating her, but Farah denies it. Farah makes Yasmin aware of Tahir being a monster and requests her to stay away from him.

On the other side, at the crime scene, Tahir asks Haider to get a passport for Farah and her son immediately. By night, they get the passports. Meanwhile, Mehmet reaches the hospital where Yasmin is admitted and asks her about Alps and Tahir. He gets to know about Farah helping Yasmin.

The episode ends with Tahir sneaking into Farah’s house to kill her when Farah comes out of her room holding Kerim and asks Tahir for help as Kerim’s health deteriorates.

Benim Adim Farah Episode 3 Release Date

Episode 3 of Benim Adim Farah will be premiered on March 15, 2023, at 8:00 pm in Turkey. For international audience, the schedule for the episode is given below:

  • Indian Standard Time (India): 10:30 pm, Wednesday, March 15, 2023.
  • British Standard Time (Britain): 6:00 pm, Wednesday, March 15, 2023.
  • Australian Standard Time (Australia): 4:00 am, Thursday, March 16, 2023.
  • Dhaka Standard Time: 11:00 pm, Wednesday, March 15, 2023.
  • Pakistan Standard Time: 10:00 pm, Wednesday, March 15, 2023.

Benim Adim Farah Episode 3 Streaming Guide

Benim Adim Farah Episode 3 will be released on the Turkish television channel FOX TV Turkey. The episodes were previously available on the official YouTube channel of Adim Farah, but now the channel has been deactivated by the show’s producers. Therefore, now, the episodes of the series are only available to the Turkish audience on their television screens.

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