The Tale of the Outcasts Episode 10: The Demonic Beast Release Date & Streaming Guide

The Tale of the Outcasts will be back with episode 10 soon, and we can’t tell you how excited we are to uncover Marbas in another form. Marbas and Wisteria are stuck in an annoying circumstance, and Marbas wonders whether it was his fault they were caught in it. Wisteria loses her stamina amid their chat, so Takemani asks the Knight if he wants to take down Marbas with him.

Knight informs him that the demon-possessed has wrapped personas and senses and that the two of them may subsequently take their time battling and discovers that  Takemani is insane. Knight found that demonic creatures are indeed the pinnacle of wickedness. He orders him to remove them one at a time, which confuses Marbas because he expected to be resting in the Lake District by now, and then he applies the poltergeist effect.

Knight discovered that at this size, Knight realized that at this magnitude, they had little hope of beating him. Marbas then summons the Knight and tells him it’s insanity to have to deal with a sham of a human and a hybrid demonic human all the time. Let’s find out when The Tale of the Outcasts episode 10 will be released and where you can watch it. Let’s start with a quick summary of what happened in the previous chapter.

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The Tale Of The Outcasts Episode 9 Recap

In the previous episode, Marbas informs them that they are given power, and the two of them get cocky since they believe it is theirs. Wisteria calls Marbas, and he says that it was beyond revolting to him. Marbas informs Wisteria that he is aware of her exhaustion and desires to advise her to sleep as soon as possible.

He asks her to entertain him for a bit, and Wisteria asks him what he’s talking about because ever since they met, she’s spent the night staying up with him, and they were her favorite moments.

The Tale of the Outcasts (Credit: Ashi Productions)

Observers remark that during his short release, Marbas accessed greater strength and became demonic beast form. Marbas challenges them both, telling them of his time as a warrior and how much he is capable of completing the two of them. Marbas urges the two of them to go since Knight observes that despite being a demon, he appears dazzling. Marbas tells them that he has no motive to attack them in the first place.

Wisteria went there to save her brother Snow, knowing she was putting her life in danger. He asks them how it differs from what they are looking for; if they are unable to understand how even a single female feels, they are unable to lead.

The Tale Of The Outcasts Episode 10 Release Date And Time

The Tale of the Outcasts episode 10 will be released on Sunday, 12 March 2023, at 22:00 (JST). The episodes are released every Sunday, so you can visit the website to catch up on the latest episode of The Tale of the Outcasts. The international schedule for The Tale of the Outcasts episode 10 is as follows: 

  • For viewers in the US: 8:00 am EST on Sunday
  • For viewers in Canada: 8:00 am NT on Sunday
  • For viewers in India: 6:30 pm IST on Sunday
  • For viewers in Australia: 12:00 am AEST on Monday
  • For viewers in the Philippines: 9:00 pm PHT on Sunday
  • For viewers in Japan: 10:00 pm JST on Sunday
  • For viewers in South Korea: 10:00 pm KST on Sunday

Where To Watch The Tale Of The Outcasts Episode 10

You can watch The Tale of the Outcasts episode 10 on Crunchyroll internationally. The anime series is currently unavailable on any streaming services other than Crunchyroll. If the anime series is taken up by another streaming provider in the future, we will keep you updated.

To view The Tale of the Outcasts episodes, you may get a Crunchyroll subscription right now; they have three membership options: Fan, Mega Fan, and Multi Fan. The monthly subscription fee ranges from $7.99 to $9.99 and $14.99. You may visit their website to learn more about the bundles and which series you will receive with the various amounts.

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