Thankam Movie Ending Explained: What Exactly Happened To Kannan?

Indian movie Thankam has been trending these days on social media. Thankam, a crime drama, is the Malayalam word for gold. The movie is based on the mystifying business of gold, where risk and rewards carry huge significance. The movie, released on Amazon Prime, tracks the journey of two close friends- Kannan and Muthu. Both share a great bond as well as knowledge of the business. 

Muthu sometimes loses confidence, but Kannan is there to help him stay confident in tough times. Kannan is someone who has a lot of secret knowledge, and his personality seems to be quite deceptive and sketchy. His demeanor hints at something sinister, which is later revealed as the story progresses. 

Kannan manages to reach Mumbai somehow. (Credits-Koimoi)

Thankam Plot Explained

The movie takes us to Thrissur, which is famous for its gold business. The city employs thousands of people in the gold trade. It is a business that is risky yet rewarding. We are introduced to Muthu and Kannan – two best friends who are involved in the gold trade.

They both indulge in illegal gold smuggling, which helps them earn good money. Now the narrative shifts from Thrissur to Mumbai. Kannan, Muthu, and Bijoy (one of their acquaintances) travel to Coimbatore. Then they decide to move to Mumbai. But the original plan goes haywire when police stop them midway.

Kannan manages to reach Mumbai somehow. But he goes missing. His friends are called and intercepted but to no avail. Kannan’s wife is worried that he might be dead. The men involved in the gold business whisper that he ran away with gold smuggled illegally. But he is discovered finally, dead in a lodge.

The initial investigation points toward murder. The room is disturbed, and Kannan’s hands are found tied. The investigation is headed by an able cop, Vijay  Sakhalkar.  Vijay digs deep into the case and keeps the viewers on the edge as the facts around the case are unraveled.

While most viewers are busy pondering over the killer and watching the suspects, Vijay feels that the case is messed up and things aren’t exactly the way it is being portrayed.

Thankam Malayalam

Kannan was supposed to deliver gold ornaments to Mumbai (Credits-Koimoi)

His family feels that the murder might be linked to the gold business. The role of Kannan’s wife is enacted by Aparna Balamurali, who is after the police team to unlock the secret behind her husband’s death. She is adamant that her husband was innocent.

The postpartum of Kannan’s body confirms that he was murdered. The police dig for CCTV footage and find some evidence. Kannan was seen with two suspicious people. One of them entered the lodge room of Kannan, where he was found dead. The police manage to find both, and one of them spills the entire plot. 

Thankam Ending Explained 

The ending revealed all the hidden layers. The confusion is cleared away to bring a shocking truth to the front. Viewers waited to know the real identity of the killer. But the truth shakes everyone as it is revealed that Kannan was never murdered. He took his own life.

Kannan committed suicide but presented his suicide as murder. Kannan’s gold business was in huge debt. He had lost most of his savings. The gold traders and banks were after his life. Kannan saw no respite and thus decided to do the unthinkable. Kannan roped in two of his friends to help him stage his murder.


Kannan’s character and the reveal, in the end, make the movie a splendid watch. (Credits- Indian Express)

Kannan went to Mumbai with this intention only. He first slit his own wrist and asked his accomplice to tie both his hands. Then the accomplice disturbed the whole room to show this as a robbery case. When he left, Kannan hanged himself to death. Now you must be wondering why Kannan had to fake all this.

Well, the only way Kannan could have saved his family from debt was to grab the insurance money. He would get the money only if he was murdered. Suicide would rule out the possibility of getting any money. So he made up his mind to stage his own murder. 

Thankam displays the dodgy human mind that can hide perfectly without the suspicion of anyone. Kannan’s character and the reveal, in the end, make the movie a splendid watch.

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