Is Daisy Jones and The Six a Real Band? Explained

The musical genre is a pretty interesting one for all fine entertainment lovers. The genre has a lot of exciting content to explore. From books and documentaries to Television series, the musical genre has evolved in almost every form to entertain its audience. The audience of today’s world has considered musical dramas as one of the most favored genres of all time. Recently, a notable music miniseries named “Daisy Jones and The Six” was released online, and it has been gaining popularity worldwide.

Daisy Jones and the Six is a popular Miniseries that recently gained popularity after its release on the famous Amazon Prime Video streaming platform. Daisy Jones and The Six has a popular cast list, including actors like Riley Keough, Sam Claflin, Camila Morrone, Suki Waterhouse, Will Harrison, and so on. The show is even strengthened by a convincing storyline that has a unique grip on music lovers. The concept of this miniseries is based on the book written by the American author Taylor Jenkins Reid.

The story of Daisy Jones and the Six revolves around the life of the band, who find their way to fame and success despite the hardships they have faced along their journey. The series focuses on portraying the lives of every main character of the story, who faces ups and downs along with the other band members. A full story of the band’s rise and fall has been framed brilliantly. The series’ characters are driven by pure emotion and passion toward pursuing their dreams of achieving fame in the music industry.

Created by American Screenwriters and Producers Scott Newustadter and Michael H. Weber, Daisy Jones and The Six has released a total of 6 episodes to date. Each episode has a runtime of nearly an hour filled with The series is expected to release four more episodes to end the season. Famous actors like Jack Romano, Nicole Laliberte, and Chris Diamantopoulos have guest-starred in the series till now. Let us know a little more about the plot of this musical miniseries now.

Actor Riley Keough as Daisy Jones in Daisy Jones and The Six (2023)

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The Plot of Daisy Jones and The Six

The story of this series revolves around the life of different people who have the same motive of accomplishing something in the music industry. Set in the star city of Los Angeles in The United States, Daisy Jones and The Six start off with two different life paths, merging together as the story progresses. We have Daisy Jones on one side, continuing to chase her dreams of becoming a big music artist. On the other hand, we have a rock duo named the “Dunne Brothers” who work on their way to increasing their fame to a larger scale. 

The Dunne Brothers hired professional musicians and made them a part of the band, now known as The Six, with six members, as the name reflects. The direction of these two life paths crosses at a point where The Dunne Brothers meet Daisy Jones. Both sides join hands and form a collaboration releasing hit music albums together. Along their way to becoming the best band in America, the members of the band face struggle with their professional and personal lives. Let us now know if the band is inspired by a real one.

Is Daisy Jones and The Six a Real Band?

The Characters in Daisy Jones and The Six are purely fictional and have no direct relation to anyone in the real world. As said by the creators, the whole series is inspired by the novel written by Taylor Jenkins Reid. The series’ storyline had several changes to turn it into something more cinematic. But when you look closely at the history of American rock bands, you can find one particular band which shares many similarities to that of Daisy Jones and The Six.

Fans speculate that the band in the musical miniseries is inspired by the British-American rock band known as Fleetwood Mac. The journey of the band members belonging to the series primarily revolves around creating a single music album.

It is speculated that an important portion of the life of Fleetwood Mac during their creation of a popular music album was partly taken for inspiration in this series. There is no official talk about the relationship between the Series and Fleetwood Mac. We only have fan theories and speculations for now.

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