All American Season 5 Episode 13: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

All American Season 5 Episode 13’s release date is here. The fans following the show are excited to watch the next episode. We will be recapping the last episode and unveiling All American Season 5 Episode 13 release date for those who missed the last episode.

The Baker family is overcoming their sorrow. It becomes clear that Jabari is well, although he’s still determining if he should show up at the residence. GW, Billy’s father, makes a comeback and supports Laura and Jordan in the meantime.

Spencer hears Billy’s message in his former home in Crenshaw. When Dillon enters, he asks Spence how he’s doing right away. Spencer replies, “I’m good.” Liv attempts to make her mother’s bed with discipline, but when Spencer arrives, she allows Spelivia to speak. He inquires about Liv’s well-being, and she replies. They both reply “same,” indicating they are still mourning.

Liv admits that she is finding it difficult to assist her mother and is unsure of what to do or say. Also, she is trying to figure out how to compose a eulogy for her dad. Spencer advises her to begin by saying, “My father is,” as she isn’t yet ready to talk about her dad in the past tense.

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A quick recap

Jordan is tasked with locating Billy’s favorite suit but needs help searching for his belongings. As he struggles with not riding the bus with his dad, he contacts Layla for assistance. She keeps being there for him throughout the episode, allowing him time to collect himself.

A still from the show. Cr: Netflix

Asher thinks back to the last piece of advice Billy gave him. JJ appears and lends him a sympathetic ear. Asher tells JJ that he is going to be a father. Laura is attempting to gain courage with the support of her loved ones and friends.

She decides on the spur of the moment to hold the funeral the following day, as no date has been set. She only wants her closest friends and relatives there since she is sick of sharing Billy with everyone else. A little while later, Laura, Spencer, and Cooper are in the chapel, speaking with the priest about the upcoming service.

Spencer shocks the pastor by responding that there are only around 15 people when he asks how many. He believes that they may accomplish more given how he was loved, but Laura stands by her choice. Spencer’s well-being is checked on by Coop, who also points out that he has endured much loss over the last two years and is prepared for it.

Everyone at the funeral is curious about Spencer. When Mother Grace comes to check on him, he is alone and contemplating. While dealing with stress, he makes an effort to remain composed. Laura apologizes to her twins for not spending more time with him privately.

Liv is asked to deliver the eulogy by the pastor. She starts, but she is unable to finish. Jordan helps her and explains that Billy prefers blue because it is calming and reassuring. Then he invites people to talk about their memories of Billy. Everyone stands up, but Spencer remains seated.

Jordan visits South Crenshaw High, where he sits at Billy’s desk and thinks back to his final time having fun with his father. Afterward, Jordan invites Jabari to the school so they may speak. He assures Jabari that it wasn’t his fault.

All American Season 5 Episode 13 preview

A still from the show. CR: CW

Jordan and Jabari discuss Billy’s influence and the fact that Billy was planning a major announcement for Jabari while he was staying at Crenshaw. Jordan starts to consider that. To be around his daughter-in-law, GW sits with Laura. Jabari has Laura in a rage. GW claims Jabari is not at fault.

He is not the cause of her rage. It’s challenging for her to understand why Billy decided to go back for him. He invites her to talk to him because, after all, he is also in pain. When JJ arrives late at the Baker home, Olivia confronts him and accuses him of being intoxicated. Olivia ejects JJ when he makes an effort to conceal himself. Jordan comes back with the suggestion of holding a community event at Billy Baker Field, not wanting to inform Laura.

All American Season 5 Episode 13’s Release Date

All American Season 5 Episode 13 release date is March 13, 2023. All American Season 5 Episode 13 will debut via The CW at 8 pm in the US. Fans from across the world can watch the show at:

  • For the Australian fans: 12:00 pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (March 14)
  • For the Indian fans: 6.30 am. Indian standard time (March 14)
  • For the British fans: 1 am. Greenwich mean time (March 14)

All American Season 5 Episode 13: How to Watch

All American Season 5 Episode 13 will be available via Netflix and the CW app at the hours we have listed above for fans living in nations other than the USA.

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