Wolf Pack Episode 7: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

Wolf Pack Episode 7 is what makes the fans most curious after everything that we saw in the most recent Wolf Pack Episode 7 on the 2nd of March 2023. The series throws light on a supernatural drama series where we see two teenagers who are bitten by a werewolf and now are mutating themselves while also trying to find out the new realities of this universe.

Also, the werewolves were forced to come to the mainland after a wildfire broke out in the California forest. The subplot is also trying to understand what actually went down actually and how the fire actually took place or who was behind it all. Recently, we have been getting all the thrills from the emotional drama that we have been getting.

In Wolf Pack Episode 6 titled After Party, we saw that the kids from the region are attending a house party. Although, it gets terrorized by the arrival of the werewolf. This is when the Wolf Pack has come into action and is trying to calm everyone down and keep them safe. They also do not want much information to be given away amongst the common folk because it might threaten their own lives.

Wolf Pack Episode 6 Recap – After Party

The teenagers have no idea what the creature is and how it reaches Tia’s party in the first place. They are currently all locked inside of it and figuring out the next move while also scared. The Pack obviously has the intel on what is actually happening yet they keep quiet. Later, we see that Everett is pretty mindful of a guy who is also at the party and seems to be having an anxiety attack.

A still from Wolf Pack Episode 6

But as he goes on to talk with him, the lad does not even know his own name. It kind of felt like he was transforming as well but with the bigger crowd on his mind, Everett decides to delay the matter a bit. But as soon as he turns his attention back to him, the boy is gone.

He is also faced with some bigger confrontations when Austin asks him about the truth. Even though Luna and Harlan have agreed that the truth can be revealed, he decides to keep it a secret. Instead, Everett tells Austin that it must be just a bear that attacked the party.

Elsewhere, we see Ramsey and Garett. They have collectively killed the security guard and are now trying to find Cyrus. He happens to be the main lead which could tell them who committed the arson. There are a lot of loose ends in this episode that was left behind. For example, the fact that Ramsey has something to do with the werewolves.

Wolf Pack Episode 7 Release Date

Wolf Pack Episode 7 release date is on the 9th of March 2023. The episode is titled Lion’s Breath. It will drop out on Paramount Plus at 3 AM Eastern Time.

How to Watch Wolf Pack Episode 7

Wolf Pack Episode 7 can be streamed easily when the episode releases on Paramount Plus at the specified time. You will need to have a subscription first but then everything is a piece of cake. As for the International viewers, they will need to be careful of the time as well. Here is a location-specific list for you all.

  • India – 1.30 PM Indian Standard Time (9 March)
  • Australia – 7 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time (9 March)
  • Europe – 8 AM Greenwich Mean Time (9 March)
  • USA – 3 AM Eastern Time (9 March)
  • Canada – 3 AM Eastern Time (9 March)

Wolf Pack Episode 7 Spoilers

Wolf Pack Episode 7 is titled Lion’s Breath. In this entry, we will witness the pack coming across a new lead which will tell them more about the wildfires. Later, we will see that Blake and his family are shoved out of the motel which will be terrible. Also, Luna will be seen finally telling her crush about the feelings that she has. By the end of the episode, we can expect Ramsey to finally stumble upon a suspect.

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