Warm on a Cold Night Episode 29: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

Chinese dramas and movies have been all the hype these past few years. With their stunning backdrops and unique storylines, these dramas have been keeping the public hooked with their high-quality production.

Starring Chinese actors Bi Wen Jun and Li Yi Tong, Warm on a Cold Night is one such drama that is sure to keep you hooked with its interesting plot, as the main characters come together in this murder mystery forming more than just an alliance. 

Premiering its first episode on February 25, 2023, Warm on a Cold Night is a Chinese Fantasy drama releasing episodes from Monday to Friday and has been received with much love and support since its initial release.

Warm on a Cold Night Episode 30 is scheduled to release this weekend, and fans are dying in anticipation to know what happens next with our hot and cold couple! Stay tuned as this article will provide all the necessary information regarding the Chinese drama along with the release date and time upcoming episode. 


Su Jiu Er (Li Yi Tong), our female protagonist, is a female constable who is young, talented, and charming, having a strong eye for detail. Belonging to the Qian Kingdom. It is believed that she has a spirit that resembles a rabbit, meaning she feels cold quite often. According to this belief, in any place she can find warmth, she will be drawn to it.

Warm on a Cold Night (2023)

Jiu Er is compelled to travel undercover as part of her recent investigations, where she meets Han Zheng (Bi Wen Jun), a member of the royal family of the Qi Kingdom. In contrast to Jiu Er’s frigidity, Han Zheng possesses extraordinary strength and agility thanks to his wolf-like spirit. It also makes his skin very warm to the touch – a quality that makes Su Jiu Er want to get closer to him at all times.

However, due to his inability to socialize properly, Han Zheng is rude and aggressive to everyone he encounters, building a wall around him that seems hard to break. Yet, opposites do attract, and as they look into a peculiar murder case that links both of their worlds together, this unlikely pair grows closer as they spend more time with each other. Will their icy relationship blossom into love?

Brief Recap of What Happened Previously on Warm on a Cold Night (Spoilers)

The last episode of Warm on a Cold Night, Episode 26, begins with Han Zheng being accused of murdering Uncle Han. As he confronts Jiu’ Er about the situation, he is doubted at first but later welcomed into the house as he claims to have no place to stay.

Warm on a Cold Night Chinese Romance Drama Episode Recap

A Still from Warm on a Cold Night Episode 26

The next day Jiu’ Er finds out Wen Jun has offered Han Zheng money and shelter, but he refuses and goes to Jiu’ Er instead. Both of them, after discussing Han Zheng’s cunningness move on to investigate the Peony Case.

As Jiu’ Er and Wen Jun suspect Uncle Liu to be the murderer, Han Zheng’s time with Jiu’Er is coming to an end as the Xuangdong Grand Ceremony draws nearer. This ceremony requires his attendance as he’ll be anointed as the King of Qi.

The episode ends with Han Zheng and Jiu’ Er sharing an intimate moment together as Jiu’ Er helps han Zheng with his injuries. What will happen in the next episode? Will Jiu’ Er be able to solve the Peony case? Will their relationship develop any further before Kan Zheng becomes King? 

Release Date of Warm on a Cold Night Episode 29

The release date of Warm on a Cold Night Episode 29 is 11 March 2023. The release times are as follows:

  • (CST) 8:00 pm Saturday. 11th March, 2023 
  • (KST) 9:00 pm Saturday. 11th March, 2023 
  • (IST) 5:30 pm Saturday, 11th March, 2023 
  • (Bangkok, Thailand) 7:00 pm Saturday, 11th March, 2023
  • (PHT) 8:00 pm Saturday, 11th March, 2023
  • (Bekasi, Indonesia) 7:00 pm Saturday, 11th March, 2023 
  • (MYT) 8:00 pm Saturday, 11th March, 2023 
  • (PST) 4:00 am  Saturday, 11th March, 2023 
  • (JST) 8:00 pm Saturday, 11th March, 2023

Streaming Guide for Warm on a Cold Night Episode 29

Warm on a Cold Night Episode 30 will be accessible to watch on streaming services like the iQIYI app and Rakuten Viki. This Chinese romance drama releases new episodes every day of the week. However, to access the more recent episodes on either of these sites, a subscription is required.

In comparison to iQIYI VIP, costing around $8.98/month, VikiPass has a monthly fee of $4.99. Use a trustworthy legal VPN to ensure safe episode streaming in case the show isn’t accessible in your area.

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