Daisey Jones and The Six Episodes 4 to 6: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Daisey Jones and The Six Episodes 4 to 6 release date what fans are hoping to know more of after Daisey Jones and The Six Episode 3 on the 3rd of March 2023. The series throws light on a rock band that plays in the 70s. They start out their career in Los Angeles initially but hope to work up the ladder within the industry and become one of the most famous bands in the world.

Throughout the show, we will also witness why the group split up in the first place and understand everything that went down with the same decision. This split came at the time when Daisey Jones and The Six were at the peak of their success. The inspiration behind the plot of this series and the factual events has been taken up from the book of the same name by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

Back in Daisey Jones and The Six Episode 3 titled Track 3: Someone Saved any Life Tonight, we see that the two lead singers of the band have now come together once again in order to record their first duet together. It is called Look At Us Now. Even the author who wrote the book through which we can decipher the moment talks about how she can not put to words the magical combination of Daisy and Billy when they hold a mic together.

A still of Billy and Daisy recording Honeycomb in Daisey Jones and The Six Episode 3

Daisey Jones and The Six Episode 3 Recap – Track 3: Someone Saved any Life Tonight

In the episode, while we saw the making of the Honeycomb, Billy tells Camilla that they should leave LA and go back to Pittsburgh. This way, it will be easier for them to stay near their families. Although, she tells him that she just moved to Los Angeles with him and not because of him and thus, does not find any reason to move back to Pittsburgh. Well, this confrontation was a bit harsh for Billy and thus, he starts thinking about quitting the band altogether.

Later, when Christmas comes, he asks his mates if he can play them a song called Honeycomb. Well, without any further ado, the band accepts him back as a team even though Eddie was not sure at the start. Later, Billy and Teddy meet up so that he can show him the song he has been working on. At the same time, the band is in a bit of a stale state where the record label has canceled their tour and The Six is just looking for a second chance to find their way back in.

At their home, we see that Teddy is playing the song Honeycomb. This piques the interest of Daisy who is interested in the track herself. Thus, the producers, who also have listened to the music, decide to put Daisy and Billy together in the studio to make the song. It was surely a risky decision but gave away some of the best results possible. Well, Billy is skeptical about singing his song with Daisy but accepts nonetheless.

The song starts out great as the two matches up with the musical notes perfectly. Although, the chorus gets mixed up and Billy becomes furious. He is unable to accept that Daisy just went ahead and changed the lyrics of the chorus which also changes its entire meaning. Turns out that it was the Record Label that did not want to have the lyrics and thus, Billy decides to reluctantly go with Daisy’s version.

Daisey Jones and The Six Episodes 4 to 6 Release Date

Daisey Jones and The Six Episodes 4 to 6 release date are on the 10th of March 2023. The episodes will drop out on Amazon Prime Video just like the others which release weekly in trios on the service every Friday.

How to Watch Daisey Jones and The Six Episodes 4 to 6

Daisey Jones and The Six Episodes 4 to 6 will be available to stream online from Amazon Prime Video. The platform offers a subscription at a small fee of just 8.99 dollars a month. The fans always add the Prime Membership to the cart for 13.99 dollars a month. It also comes along with a free trial of 7 days for new users.

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