Camdaki Kız Season 3 Episode 22: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Camdaki Kiz, or The Girl in Glass, is a Turkish Series that premiered its first episode on April 8th, 2021. Since its initial release, the show has been received with much love from the viewers, which has led to 3 seasons of the show.

Due to the immense success of the first two seasons, Season 3 of Camdaki Kiz came out mid-September of 22 and has crossed 20 episodes to date. Winner of the Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards (2021) for the best TV Series, best couple, and best actress, this show is one you would not want to miss out on!

Camdaki Kız Season 3 Episode 22 is scheduled to release this week. To know more about the show, its release date, and where it currently stands, stay tuned, as everything you need to know will be given in this article.


Young, charming, and innocent Nalan, our protagonist, works as an architect for a large hotel chain. Feride, Nalan’s conservative and controlling mother, dictates all of Nalan’s actions, including what she wears and who she interacts with.

 Camdaki Kız  (2021)

In reality, however, Nalan is Feride’s granddaughter; Sema, her real daughter, who was a teenager when she gave birth to Nalan, died in childbirth, and Feride has never forgiven Nalan for killing her daughter.

This becomes a reason for Feride’s bitter attitude towards Nalan and her strict policing of her behavior. Sedat, our male lead, is the wealthy heir to the big Korolu hotel. Residing in the family mansion, Sedat’s father, Rafet, keeps tabs on every family expense with the help of Tako, a member of the home staff who watches the family to see if anyone disobeys Rafet’s laws.

Rafet urges Sedat to find a good wife so he may move on from the shameful illicit affair he has with Cana, a married mother of two. Stepping in, Selen, Sedat’s sister, informs her parents that she has met a nice girl named Nalan, who would make a good match for her brother.

Nalan believes that Sedat and her fairytale romance would begin right after everyone has agreed to the marriage. She quickly begins to realize, however, that the world she entered is not the one she had imagined, and she is compelled to seek out the secrets of her past while also carving her own future. 

Recap Of Camdaki Kız Season 3 Episode 21 (Spoilers!)

After catching Nalan on her getaway from Sedat’s hotel, it becomes clear that she wants to leave. This time, she bids everyone farewell and leaves the mansion. Sedat is the only one who does not agree with Nalan’s decision to separate.

Camdaki Kız Turkish Romance Series Season 3 Episode 21

A still from Camdaki Kız Season 3 Episode 21 (2023)

Nalan walks to the mansion to say farewell to everyone. Buried old notebooks and family matters swept under the rug are revealed in the  Korolu Mansion after Nalan departs the house.

Türkan couldn’t afford the rent and decided it was time to go to Istanbul, so she wound up at Hayri’s residence while Hayri herself was looking for employment. Nalan’s divorce news is disclosed to Hayri at the same time.

What will happen to Nalan and Sedat’s relationship? Will the couple be able to reconcile and get back together? Or is it quite for good? How will Türkan rise from her rut as Hayri stays unemployed?

Camdaki Kız Season 3 Episode 22 Release Date

Camdaki Kız Season 3 Episode 22 is scheduled to release this week on March 9th, 2023, at 12:00 pm (EST). As the airing of the episode may change according to the region, the exact release date and time of the episode are provided below for easy tracking – 

  • (TRT) 8:00 pm Thursday, March 9th 2023
  • (PST) 9:00 am Thursday, March 9th 2023
  • (KST) 2:00 am Friday, March 10th, 2023
  • (IST) 10:30 pm Thursday, March 9th 2023
  • (PKT) 10:00 pm Thursday, March 9th 2023
  • (PHT) 1:00 am Friday, March 10th, 2023
  • (Bekasi, Indonesia) 12:00 am Friday, March 10th, 2023
  • (MYT) 1:00 am Friday, March 10th, 2023
  • (Bangkok, Thailand) 12:00 am Friday, March 10th, 2023

Where To Watch Camdaki Kız Season 3 Episode 22

All episodes of Camdaki Kiz, including Season 3 Episode 22, will be streaming on the local Kanal D channel for Turkish viewers. For others, the episodes of this Turkish series will be available to watch completely free on the official YouTube channel of Camdaki Kiz.

If you wish to watch the show uninterrupted, consider subscribing to YouTube Premium, which charges $11.99 a month, so that you can enjoy Camdaki Kiz Episode 22 ad-free! If not, the episodes are still free for all. 

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