Ancient Aliens Season 19 Episode 10: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

The show’s fans are excited to learn more about the upcoming episode, and we at Otakukart will be revealing Ancient Aliens Season 19 Episode 10’s release date and streaming guide.

The American television program Ancient Aliens, presented in a documentary style, focuses on the pseudoscientific hypothesis of ancient astronauts. The series is produced by Prometheus Entertainment, with Robert Clotworthy narrating it.

The programs also discuss pseudohistorical topics like Atlantis and other lost empires, ancient astronauts, and alien contact. There is never a shortage of criticism for this television show. Since the show’s launch in 2010, numerous academics, cosmologists, and other respected scientists have denounced it for spreading erroneous information in society.

Famous authors whose writings inspired the series include Erich Von Daniken, Charles Hapgood, Robert Bauval, Brinsley Le Poer Trench, Edgar Zacharias Sitchin, Graham Hancock, and Cayce. Special guests include producer Giorgio Tsoukalos and author David Childress.

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What is the premise of Season 19 of Ancient Aliens?

Since the show’s first nineteen seasons, a lot has occurred, and it continues to occur as each season gets longer. We have witnessed everything, from scientists studying an alien spacecraft that landed in our solar system to formulating theories concerning the existence of extraterrestrial life.

A still from the show. Cr: Hulu

The cigar-shaped object was found in 2017 by experts, and researchers thought it was an alien craft. The program made an effort to explore the same mystery in depth. The later seasons, though, are when things heat up and improve. Scientists have learned new information about black holes. Today, they are interested in finding out if it exists. They also notice a lot of strange occurrences and appearances.

The program also dispels many misconceptions regarding Area 51, a top-secret location close to the public. Some researchers make assumptions about the areas they think might be hidden in the shadows and hold important weapons and top-secret data. Each episode focuses on the discovery and the connections between supporting theories.

Recap of the episodes

The first show was about UFO hotspots. Research indicates that up to 70% of all UFO encounters occur in “hotspots,” where reports of visions, eerie lights, and other strange occurrences are routinely made. These stories can span hundreds of years in the past as well as the present. Whether it’s true or not is explored throughout the program.

Another episode’s focus was crop circle coding. We learned that over 10,000 harvest circle formations had been documented in more than 50 countries, and many of them showed traits that defied accepted explanations. We determined if they were of extraterrestrial origin.

While another episode was centered on how the Turkish archaeological sector was revolutionized by discovering the ancient, gigantic stone site at Karahan Tepe, we also learned how this incident demonstrated engineering ability that went well beyond what had previously been thought to be humanly feasible at that time.

According to recent research, this more than 10,000-year-old building may have been built by giants rather than by humans. The next episode was on obelisks. We discovered that each of the enormous obelisks of ancient Egypt was painstakingly carved out of hundreds of tons of granite. Old astronaut theorists assert that although traditional academics categorize them as pharaonic artifacts, they may have served a technical purpose.

Ancient Aliens Season 19 Episode 10 preview

A still from the show. Cr: Hulu

Whether or not this capability permitted communication with celestial gods was thoroughly covered in the episode. Another episode focused on the Mutual UFO Network. We discovered that it is a team devoted to the scientific investigation of anomalies and other airborne phenomena.

Ancient Aliens Season 19 Episode 10 release date

Ancient Aliens Season 19 Episode 10’s release date is March 17, 2023. Ancient Aliens Season 19 Episode 10, will debut via the History channel in the USA at 9 p.m. While fans from across the world will access Ancient Aliens Season 19 Episode 10 at:

  • Fans from Australia can watch the show at 1 p.m. Australian Eastern Daylight Time (March 18)
  • Fans from India can stream the show at 7.30 a.m. Indian Standard Time (March 18)
  • Fans from Britain can stream the show at 2 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time (March 18)

Ancient Aliens Season 19 Episode 10: How to watch

The tenth episode of Season 19 of Ancient Aliens will debut on a variety of platforms for viewers around the world. At the time specified below, Ancient Aliens S19 Episode 10 will be available for streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Roku Premium, Hoopla, and PureFlix.

After matching their local time with the one we have stated above, viewers from all across the globe can watch Ancient Aliens S19 Episode 10. A lover of Hoopla will pay about $3, while a viewer of Netflix will pay $8, a user of the Roku channel will pay about $10, and a user of Hulu will pay about $8 for the basic package.

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