What Happened Last Night On Love Island Season 9 Episode 50? The Talent Show

Before talking about Love Island Season 9 Episode 50, let’s clear up some things about Episode 49, only some things, not everything. So yes, the things that were said from Ron’s mouth were said from Ron’s mouth. However, the context was similar to also in the same context as what Shaq was saying. If we’re gonna say the public would perceive something a certain way, I can see how this scenario would come off this way to the public.

However, if I was Ron and I understood that the perception of the villa and of the public is that I’m a game player, why would I then want to go and perpetuate that perspective? I wasn’t sure if I watched the episode correctly, was that I did think that. Rosie internalized things based on how she’s feeling in the moment, and she added parts to the story that, when you do, explain it as it does make sense.

So did Ron explicitly say things are not gonna work on the outside? No. But did he say things in the villa are going to lead to y’all not making it work in the house? If you want to make it work on the outside, he will have to do some things from now. Yes. So being somebody who’s currently feeling insecure about their relationship, that would sound like “it’s not gonna work on the outside.”

So yes, Ron did say those things, but not in the context in which the villa was talking about. If that makes sense to y’all, cool. If it doesn’t, it is what it is just to show we now go and remember these people in about 3 months.

What Happened Last Night On Love Island Season 9 Episode 50?

Now let’s talk about Love Island Season 9, Episode 50. So Ron says that he didn’t say, “the strong couples have their drama in the beginning and then Cruise,” which… he did. However, the context of what he said was taken out.

Ron with Samie (CC: ITV)

So while speaking to Samie, Ron says, “All the strong couples, they go through hard times, to begin with, and then get back together and then cruise to the end. You are Tom going away and taking that and then making out as if it said that way. Then why plant seed in my girlfriend’s head that I’m playing some sort of game.” To this, Samie said that his comment was weird and asked why he is running from it.

It is interesting because, in every single Love Island Season, I feel like that is kind of the case. Well, first of all, I really do see a couple of smooth sailing from the beginning to the end, but rarely do those couples end up making it. It is the couples that do have the dramas in the beginning and then are cruising near the end.

And I, before even these last few episodes, do feel like an element of Ron does realize that he could win with Lana. Everybody has those same opinions, though. It’s not to say it’s only Ron. I’m just saying that I do see it a lot with Ron. So yeah, it was just poor timing of his comment because, at the end of the day, he was correct, and typically, that’s who wins the show.

Ron Is Annoyed

Ron was obviously annoyed because it was not just Samie who was talking behind his back. It’s damn almost the entire villa. When Kai said to Ron that he was there for everyone, Ron said, “none of them are gonna come up to me and say what they actually thought. They’ve had all day to say something, but they haven’t.”

Then while speaking to Lana, he says, “I said like, I’d hoped that you’d go around now and be like: look, I’ve spoken to him. It wasn’t actually like that. Oh, but she said: oh, that’s not me, and people have their opinions.”

Love Island Season 9 Episode 50

Ron with Kai (CC: ITV)

That’s the theme of Love Island Season 9. And it’s so irritating because typically, we see a bromance or a girl gang, and we see couples that we really root for. But this season, it’s just like, oh my GOD. I feel like nobody’s gonna be friends at the end of this, especially if they watched the season back or watched interviews or lives that have been happening outside the villa. I’m like, no, this cast of people is not going to get along, and I am inclined to believe that.

There’s this thing of saying what you feel like the person in front of you wants to hear and then saying how you really feel in front of other Islanders. And most times, I have to honestly give Samie credit just a little bit.

You know, she has been Samie, the parrot, but when Ron was like, “Oh well, could you rectify the situation?” She’s like, “well, no, people feel how they feel, and I’m not going to take it upon myself to go change their opinion, and it is what it is.” If you feel away, stand 10 toes down. Don’t be duplicitous and say one thing on someone’s face and a different thing behind their back, and then be confused when you get called out on it.

Ron Thinks About The Consequences Of His Actions

In the morning debrief of Love Island Season 9 Episode 50, Lana is sharing that she’s very frustrated about the whole situation, and so is Ron. Basically, because now that he has a girlfriend, his actions do affect somebody else.

So while speaking to the boys, Ron says, “It’s not just me that this kind of thing has an impact on. Everything that I do, my actions, I have the whole responsible for how it looks for both of us. Then while talking to Samie, Lana says, “With the whole thing, I don’t feel like anyone was with me. No one had had my back. To this, Samie says, “We’ve all got your back. It may not seem like it, but we have.”

Love Island Season 9 Episode 50 Recap

Lana with Samie (CC: ITV)

I don’t think the villa has had Lana’s back as of late, besides Kai and Sanam. Let’s just say Kai, I don’t know what it is about Ron, but it’s always the Ron Show when it comes to Kai, so I’m not surprised that he had his back. The problem is, I think at the start of the show, people have tried to have Lana’s back, in terms of telling her, “hey, Ron might not be the best person for you. You shouldn’t be treated this way”.

And she doesn’t really heed that advice a lot of the time, and she typically would stick with Ron. So I wonder, if they would have had her back in that same kind of way, like saying, “hey girl, we think he’s a game player,” would she have even listened to it? Because I know in her mind, she probably wanted people to be more on her and Ron’s side, but I think it would have been the opposite.

And would it have ended in the same way that it has times before? I don’t know. What do you guys think? I don’t think that they would have shown up for her in the way that she would have wanted to, which would have had the opposite effect of what she thought would be them having her back. I feel like I’m rambling, but at this point, if you don’t get it, then let me just stop talking.

Girls Try To Cheer Up Lana

To make it up to Lana, the girls decided to make her breakfast and shower her with some love. All the girls were like, “We wanted to cheer you up,” “we are always with you,” “You have us, and we have,” and whatnot. To this, Kana says, “I love you all, and you’re honestly a massive part of my life now, and I’m so happy that I’ve got you on.”

This was really cute. Of course, it’s a sucky feeling to feel like you don’t belong in a place that one: you can’t escape and two: you don’t have like your people. Yes, they’ve become friends in this villa, but they’re not her girlfriends like the girlfriends are back home, or her mom or siblings, or you know what I mean?

Love Island Season 9 Episode 50 Recap

Girls cheer up Lana (CC: ITV)

So it was tough for her, and I’m glad the women did try to rectify the situation. However, did you guys notice that they didn’t talk anything about what happened the night before? Nobody addressed it. Lana felt like she wanted the girls to have girls her back in the scenario that was happening. And instead, they’re like, “you’re such a nice girl, we love you, blah blah blah.” But I’m like, oh, so y’all not gonna address it?

Tom And Samie Are High On Something

This is so rich coming from Tom. Tom thinks that people should just stick to their own connections and stop getting into other people’s businesses. Yet here he is, sitting beside Samie, the parrot. So while speaking to Tom, Samie says, “Why can’t everyone just stand up for their pair and be like, I think this is why and that’s it, move on.” To this, Tom says, “I just think people should focus on their situation, their own couple.”

Then Samie goes on to say that “I think if you care enough to voice an opinion, you should care enough to have a chat with them.” And I find it absolutely hilarious that this whole debacle stemmed from Tom and Samie. So Tom is thinking, I don’t understand why people are getting in everybody’s business, and Ron shouldn’t have gone through what he went through, blah, blah blah”.

But Ron had told his game plan, alleged game plan, to Kai and Sanam, who haven’t said anything. And Ron also told his plan to Tom and Samie, who relayed it to everybody. Do you see how that’s not making sense, Tom? You want people to stay in their business, but there wouldn’t be any business to get into if y’all just minded your own business.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 50 Recap

Lana’s Card trick (CC: ITV)

What Happened On Love Island Season 9 Talent Show?

Love Island Season 9 Episode 50 ends with the Talent Show. I was absolutely bored till this part. Yes, I was, but we’re gonna talk about it anyways. The first person to go was Shaq, who did a striptease and wasn’t half bad, if I’m being honest. Lana did a card trick, and she was really successful until she got to Shaq and Tanya’s cards. I don’t know where it went wrong, but she missed it.

The African girl in the house, Tanya, did the African dance, and I said, “Oh my gosh, here we go again.” It was giving me PTSD from Priscilla and the last Love Island Winter Season. Can we do something else, please? Thank you. Kai did a live portrait of Will, and Will being Will, of course, can’t help but give them a show. He was all spread on the sofa in his underwear and was holding grapes over his Willy. And Kai painted him as “one of his french girls.”

Jessie and Rosie attempted to sing, but the singing was off, the choreography was off, and everyone was off, but still, the guys were liking this because they were focusing on their “Real Talents.” Then Samie did a tap dance, and she did really well. Ron was able to solve a Rubik’s Cube in under 90 seconds which was really amazing and impressive to the other Islanders and me.

And then came Casey with his brilliant, outstanding, and out-of-the-world performance. Well, Casey showed up to his third-grade recital show. Honestly, I’m more shocked at the fact that he kept his composure the entire time. Everyone was laughing crazy and really enjoyed his performance. Next was Sanam, who was able to cry on demand with the assistance of some rain.

Love Island Season 9 Recap

Will is doing his thing (CC: ITV)

And then came Will, and he just kept roasting everyone with his raps. To Tanya, he said, “you said you loved the boy, but he treated them like a toy.” To Lana, he said, “You must be tired from sitting on that fence all day.” Then to Casey, he said, “Using all these girls in your plan, they should realize we’re not that man.” And then lastly was Tom who… Yeah, I’m not even gonna hurt y’all’s ears. Just know that his singing was painful.

Who Are You Voting For In Love Island Season 9?

The Love Island Season 9 Episode 50 ends with the announcement that there is a vote for your favorite couple. Some of my friends were upset with me at the fact that I said I still supported Will and Jessie. And that I shouldn’t because it’s just blind support. I don’t see this game as an actual game. Yes, you can be strategic. Yes, there is prize money. But no, this is not an actual game.

This isn’t survivor, This isn’t Big Brother, and this isn’t the challenge. There’s no need for me to support “The best Game player” because it isn’t a game to me. It’s a popularity contest, so you vote for who you like, you know what I mean? So if I was to vote, I would vote for Will and Jessie because I like to see my kind of people win.

If you wanna see your people win, that’s your business. But I’m like, this isn’t a type of game where I look at the strategy and try to justify the moves made. It’s a popularity contest, and we know that it happens every single Love Island Season.

So yeah, well, you all vote how you want to. I would have liked for a PSC couple to win. We were so close with Tanya and Shaw. But you know, Tanya had to go and do her madness, and I think we have lost that. We’ve lost the chance. But yeah, let me know who you voted for or who you would vote for in the end because the end is near.

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