The Way Home Episode 8: ‘Lovefool Release Date, Recap, Spoilers & Where To Watch

The Way Home Episode 8 release date is what fans are hoping to know more about after we are done with The Way Home Episode 7 on 5 March 2023. The series throws light on the Landry family, where we see the three generations of women in the lead. Each of them brings a new mindset to the table, which helps them get through the daily struggles of life.

We see that they also have come a long way to reunite with each other after knowing more about the past which their family has ultimately led. This is a crazy science fiction, drama, and comedy series where we witness Alice falling into the pond located at their family property. Although, she is transported to the 1990s, where she becomes best friends with the teenage version of her mother, whose name is Kat.

In the present time, Alice and Kat actually do not have any connection with their grandparents. Thus, we see that Alice tries to learn about what went down to make them this way while also learning of a time when they were all actually happy together.

A still from The Way Home

These tragedies are the same ones that made Kat leave the house and her mother’s care and marry someone, which resulted in Alice being born. Hereby, we see that Alice is trying to devise a plan to bring her family together for good and help them skip the 20 years of pain for the better.

The Way Home Episodes Recap

Back in The Way Home Episode 6, titled Building a Mystery, we saw that Kat and Alice are now paired together in order to stop Jacob from disappearing. Later in the episode, Del also comes to her senses and realizes the fact that if Jacob disappears, it would be a great tragedy for the whole family.

In the most recent episode 7 of the show titled The End of the World, As We Know It, we saw that Alice is now going to the New Year’s Eve Party, which is Y2K themed. Later, Kat comes across a new mystery about her father that has never been revealed to anyone before.

Also, Del reveals yet another secret about Kat’s father that has been troubling her for a while now. Also, we see that Kat and Alice now have shared their secret about the timelines. Thus, it will now be pretty easy for them to work in unison to solve the ulterior mysteries of their family.

The Way Home Episode 8 Release Date

The Way Home Episode 8 release date is on 12 March 2023. The episode is titled Lovefool. It will drop out on Hallmark Channel at 9 PM Eastern Time. New episodes release every week on the channel at the same time on Sundays.

How to Watch The Way Home Episode 8

The Way Home Episode 8 will air on The Hallmark Channel, as we have specified above. The series can also be streamed later from the official website of the channel. International viewers will need a valid VPN connection in order to watch the latest episodes. They will also need to be mindful of the time difference in their local region.

  • USA – 9 PM Eastern Time (12 March)
  • Canada – 9 PM Eastern Time (12 March)
  • India – 7.30 AM Indian Standard Time (13 March)
  • Europe – 2 AM Greenwich Mean Time (13 March)
  • Australia – 1 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time (13 March)

The Way Home Episode 8 Spoilers

The Way Home Episode 8 is titled Lovefool. In this episode, we will witness Alice in a relationship with a man that he truly likes. Although, when an old friend comes to visit her from the past, she comes to terms with the fact that this bond of hers is not going to lead her anywhere in the future.

As for Kat, she will uncover a whole bunch of family secrets which will be truly astonishing to her. By the end of the episode, we will see that Del is thinking of taking the risk with Byron, and it could possibly go in two different directions.

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