Deadly Daycare Ending Explained: What Happened To Gabby?

Want to know about Deadly Daycare Ending? Deadly Daycare is a 2014 American movie. Michael Fifer is the director and writer of Deadly Daycare. The stars of the movie include Kayla Ewell as Rachel, Christy Carlson Romano as Gabby, Bryce Johnson as Daniel, Ariella Nurkovic as Mia, Isabella Nurkovic as Mia, David Ulmer as Defence Attorney, Tyler Rice as Troy, Caia Coley as Barbara, Kimberly Arland as Melissa, Thomas Bell as Brock, Michelle DeFraites as Rebecca, Robert Wu as Martin, Ian Stanley as Fowler, Brock Burnett as Spy Salesman, and Kim Estes as Judge Joyner. 

Michael Fifer is the producer of the movie. Douglas Shaffer is the executive producer. The movie was released on 28 December 2014 and runs for approximately 1 hr 28 minutes. The movie’s genres are Drama and Thriller. So get ready to get in on to the ride of this mysterious story. Fans have given mixed reviews for the movie. Let’s talk about their opinion.

Kayla Ewell as Rachel (Credit: Apple TV)

One viewer said, “DEADLY DAYCARE is one of those frustrating movies where apparently intelligent people act as though their brains have suddenly evaporated. Many HIGHLY suspicious events take place while Rachel simply looks worried and takes no action, instead of immediately yanking Mia out of the place! One such incident is so obviously serious, that when Rachel appears confused about what to do, it causes laughter rather than terror in the viewer! Ugh! 

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Deadly Daycare Plot Details

What actually is the deal with the movie? Rachel is a young mother who decides to divorce her husband after he cheater on her. But after a few years, she got to know that her ex-husband is bankrupt and suffering financially. She decided to help him keep aside all his flaws. But she can’t leave her 4-year-old daughter Mia unattended. She has to make her daughter safe. So she decided to take Mia to a local daycare center. Deborah is an older woman who promises to keep those little ones safe while their parents are away.

Deadly Daycare

Mia with Rachel (Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

Mia after returning from the daycare center starts behaving in an abrupt manner and Rachel thinks this behavior is because of one of her teachers Gabby. Is Gabby Wright the real villain? Gabby Wright played by Christy Carlson Romano is the villain of Deadly Daycare. She is the main reason for Rachel’s headache throughout the whole movie. Troy and Gabby are a happily married couple. They had a three-year-old daughter named Crystal. Daniel and Rachel got into an accident with Gabby and Troy and the accident resulted in the death of Crystal and Troy was left paralyzed from the waist down.

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Deadly Daycare Ending Explained

After the accident and death of her daughter, Gabby becomes paranoid and psychotic. She blamed Daniel and Rachel for her loss. Gabby was then spotted in the local daycare where Rachel left her daughter Mia. Gabby starts favoring Mia over all the other children and this odd behavior was another teacher Rebecca. Gabby makes a plan of taking Mia and raising her on her own as an act of revenge on Rachel and Daniel. Later Troy kills Rebecca as Gabby told him to. One day when Rachel went to pick up Mia from the daycare she notices that Gabby aggressively holds Mia and this caused Mia to have bruises. 

Deadly Daycare ending explained

Gabby Wright holding Mia (Credits: Amazon Prime Video)

Rachel then puts a camera in the daycare and later finds out that Gabby calls herself the mother of Mia and calls Mia as Crystal. Gabby gets enraged with fury and held Daniel at a gunpoint. Daniel slammed the door in her face but she anyway pulled the trigger. Then she went inside the house in search of Mia. Rachel hides Mia and takes one of her dolls and pretended to hold it like it was Mia.     

Rachel then drops the doll and Gabby thought it was Mia but later realized it was a doll. Gabby held Rachel at a gunpoint too but Rachel escaped her and tells her that Crystal went to heaven and she can be with her one day too. She invoked Gabby’s memories and she tried to attempt suicide but was arrested by the police. 

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