Boyband Episode 5: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Boyband, a GMM 25 Original series with its first episode premiering on February 16, 2023, is sure to keep you hooked with its music-themed plotline and blooming romance between our two main leads, T.O.P and Juju. This story of rivals becoming lovers is sure to keep you on your toes! The humorous elements that add to the success of the show are another aspect that will have you amused and captivated with the BL Series.

Boyband Episode 5 is set to release this week itself! So buckle up and get ready to see what goes on in the lives of our beloved idols, who are doing their best to strive to reach the top of the music charts.  The plot centers on young individuals who want to debut as a top-tier boy band. They put in their blood, sweat, and tears and work hard to learn how to sing and dance.

They must triumph in intense competitions to join World Star, the organization led by Khun Serena, the fearsome entertainment industry tycoon. However, Serena has one strict rule all performers must follow – they are not allowed to have intimate relationships with one another. But Top and Juju’s friendship grows as they go from being rivals to becoming much more than friends. Which will they choose—their desire to become an idol or their love for one another?


Our two main characters, T.O.P. and Juju, are young boys who, like the rest of their friends, have the same desire to join a boyband and become a famous musician. However, they also realize that this dream comes with its own set of drawbacks and difficulties. One must be talented in all areas to be at the top of the list, including acting, dancing, singing, and, last but not least, having the ‘it’ face of an idol.

Achieving all of this also means sacrificing things like privacy and love, as stars aren’t permitted to have relationships, which may cause problems later in their career with the growth of their fan base.

T.O.P. and Juju, two contestants vying for a spot in the top six, are compelled to compete despite sharing a love for each other. The strict no-dating policy for band members has created a barrier between them.

Because of their endearing chemistry, fans start uniting shipping T.O.P and Juju, but they have to put effort into hiding their feelings and putting down the dating rumors for the sake of their future.

TOP and Juju must keep their true feelings for one another a secret for as long as they can if they want their relationship, as well as their career, to succeed. For the group to achieve their objective of being the best boy band in the world, they must deal with and overcome this complex situation.

Brief Recap of Boyband Episode 4

In the last Episode of Boyband, one of the members ends up suffering an injury on his feet due to the intense training and practice that had been going on for days. With the competitions happening soon, this becomes a setback for the whole team.

Amid all the tension that surrounds them, T.O.P and Juju spend quality time together as they take a swim in the pool to relieve their stress. What was initially a fun and stress-free activity slowly becomes intense and steamy as the couple draws closer to each other. 

Boyband Episode 5  Release Date

Boyband Episode 5 will be released on March 9th at 11:00 am (EST). The timing of its release in different regions is given below:

  • (Bangkok, Thailand) 11:00 pm Thursday, 9th March 2023
  • (JST) 1:00 am Friday, 10th March 2023
  • (PHT) 12:00 am Friday, 10th March 2023
  • (Bekasi, Indonesia) 11:00 pm Thursday, 10th March 2023 
  • (MYT) 12:00 am Friday, 10th March 2023 
  • (PST) 8:00 am  Thursday, 9th March 2023 
  • (KST) 1:00 am Friday 1oth March 2023 
  • (IST) 9:30 pm Thursday, 9th March 2023 

Streaming Guide for Boyband Episode 5

The entire first season of Boyband, including the upcoming Episode 4, will be available on the original GMM 25 network for Thai viewers. Fortunately, the World Star YouTube Channel makes the series completely accessible to the rest of the world.

However, if you like to watch the program without being interrupted by advertisements, you may want to get YouTube Premium and have the benefit of uninterrupted viewing of this Thai BL Series through this subscription. If not, everyone can watch the program on World Star for free.

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